Luxury furnishing for offices by Smania

Furnishing an office isn’t as simple as it might seem, especially if we are talking about the design of a luxury studio. With Smania you have the possibility of customising every furnishing element in all of its details so that you achieve a unique result for your work environment.

The office is the business card of a company and as such has to be furnished very carefully. An executive office has to convey authority, solidity, reliability, and at the same time, it has to be elegant and luxurious for welcoming visitors. To achieve this result, it is necessary to design the space very well, with furnishing being chosen based on aesthetics, but also on functionality.

An aesthetically pleasing office equipped with comfortable and elegant design furnishing elements will give a good impression of the company to customers and potential buyers and it will allow you to work better and more comfortably, in an environment that is a reflection of your identity.

Smania allows you to choose between different styles of luxury office furniture and to customise each piece of furniture in every detail: from the desk, chairs, bookcase and lighting to the decorative objects. Before proceeding with the choice of furniture, however, here are some tips to keep in mind for furnishing a luxury office.



Furnishing a luxury office: 5 rules to follow

Furnishing a luxury executive office means carefully designing the spaces and furnishings, which must be elegant and, at the same time, have got to convey solidity and concreteness. The office is the place that represents your company and welcomes colleagues, partners and important customers, so it must stand out for luxury and refinement and be attentive to design right up to the smallest detail. In this article, together we will see the solutions proposed by Smania for furnishig every space that makes up a luxury executive office, but first, here are 5 rules that you should keep in mind when designing your office.

Choose functional and comfortable furniture

Desks and chairs are indispensable furniture in any office. It is essential that these furnishing complements are comfortable and functional, as well having a good design style, so as to protect the health of those who spend so much time there every day.

The Desks must be large enough to accommodate computers, documents and personal items and, at the same time, allow freedom of movement.

The chairs should be adequately padded, to support the seating position and always guarantee an optimal and comfortable posture. They must also be adjustable in height and inclination.

Welcoming, before all else

Without giving up luxury, we make the office welcoming through warm lighting and we give it character by adding furnishing objects and decorative elements. Remember that wood and leather by definition convey a feeling of warmth, but even an executive office furnished in a minimal style can be welcoming.

Design the spaces with great care

Before choosing the furniture you have to carefully design the spaces in the office.  Depending on the size of the room, we will position the desk, which must necessarily face the door, the bookcase and any floor lamps. Only then will it be possible to complete the furnishing by choosing the style and the furniture, as well as giving it a distinctive character through objects and decorative elements.



Create an environment that expresses leadership

Through the arrangement of the furniture and the choice of the accessories we can convey an aura of authority and solidity that will be perceived by those who visit the office. An impressive wooden desk is by definition a symbol of power and solidity, however, if well designed, even a study in the modern or minimal style can express authority.

It is necessary to select quality materials and furniture: wrought iron and stainless steel for desks, filing cabinets and bookcases with a solid and resistant soul; marble, glass and crystal to cover surfaces and tops with sophistication.

To complete the office furnishing with a distinctive aesthetic touch, select armchairs, sofas, ottomans and chaise lounges upholstered in black or white leather, with traditional or capitonné upholstery: a classic style that remains the ideal one for even the most modern spaces.

Make the work environment stimulating

Making the workplace stimulating and personal will allow you to work with greater concentration, additionally, it will give a clear motivational message to customers and partners.

Establish a concept that can use aesthetic terms to express the mood and goals that make your company the best in the field, trying to create a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere.

To avoid creating an aseptic and cold environment, you could add bold, eye-catching decorative elements and design objects to your office furnishing, which reflect your aesthetic sense, or put on the walls some framed posters of quotes by personalities that are an inspiration for your work and the activities you are doing.

Add a personal touch

The executive office, first and foremost, in addition to being an extension of the company, must say something about you, your professional life, your interests and your aesthetic tastes. For this reason, your office should have a well-defined functional and aesthetic character, with accessories that reflect the corporate identity and make it elegant and refined.



Smania’s solutions for the office

Smania proposes various furnishing solutions for a luxury executive office, completely customisable according to the chosen style. Let’s start with the essential: desk and chairs and then go to the bookcase, lighting and furnishing objects.

Depending on the size of the room and the light that is available, we will position the various furnishing accessories according to a very precise logic. For example, if the room is spacious and has large windows, we can choose wood furniture without the risk of burdening the environment. On the contrary, if natural light is scarce, we will have to be careful to light up the room with lamps and chandeliers without creating an artificial effect and we can add brightness through objects that reflect or with materials such as glass and steel. This absolutely does not exclude the use of wood: in the modern classic style, for example, materials, textures and colours are expertly mixed to create a classic effect without renouncing modern furniture.

Desks and chairs

Imposing or with slender lines, the desk is the essence of an executive office. Smania proposes different models of desks and file cabinets, all customisable in their material and details. They range from the important shapes of the Presidential and Metropolis desks, with a strong and elegant character that makes a statement in the office.

We then move on to the more discreet and linear Gramercy 210, with elegant steel details, and to the Jamal desk, having a classic look with leather-covered legs and steel details, to then arrive at the elegant Sirio Mood writing desk, to be placed as a complement to the desk and that brings to mind the lines of a piano, and to Marlon, a refined writing desk with leather details.

The file cabinets proposed by Smania are not secondary, such as the splendid Dat Plus with its strong and versatile character that finds its place in an executive office where two styles coexist, the classic and the modern, or the Gramercy storage unit, which combines a sophisticated design with the efficiency that every piece of office furniture must have.

Each desk must be accompanied by an equally important chair. Smania offers many solutions, from the Roller office chair, with its understated elegance, up to Carey, an executive chair with a trendy design and well-defined lines.




The bookcase is a must in any executive office. The bookcases proposed by Smania are high quality furnishings that are characterised by their exclusive craftsmanship and refined details. On the Smania website you can choose between various bookcases in modern style and with classic notes or you can customise the one you prefer by choosing from a range of diverse materials and unique inlays.

The Smania range varies from the imposing Duke, a bookcase with sculptural elegance, illuminated by metal lines and enriched by leather details, to the more classic Gramercy, a modular bookcase in solid wood.

The Biblo 09 display case/bookcase is also of great importance, giving the office a strong character by embedding itself in the wall: the objects placed on its shelves double their decorative power thanks to the elegant and evocative allure of this bookcase.


The lighting of an executive office deserves a separate chapter. Before choosing how to place the lights in the office, it is necessary to consider how to make the most of natural light. Large windows and skylights help to bring light into work environments, but we must not forget adequate “darkening systems” (that is, shutters, blinds and curtains) to prevent too much light from causing glare and reflections. The ideal is to combine natural light and artificial light in a virtuous manner.

In addition to classic chandeliers and wall lamps, table and floor lamps can also be considered for perfectly illuminating the office.

Smania proposes various solutions for suspended lighting: the Judith chandelier is understated and elitist. Its nine lights amplify the lighting of the environment thanks to the brilliance of the reflections that are created by the metal of the structure. Instead, the Bastet chandelier is more sinuous and sophisticated, equally perfect for furnishing a luxury executive office. But there are many solutions proposed by Smania: discover them all in the section dedicated to lighting.

Here you will also find a vast selection of table and floor lamps: the elegant Snooker and the extroverted Sharon, which is nothing less than a furnishing jewel, or the refined Jersey, a floor lamp perfect for illuminating even the more remote corners, giving elegance and austerity to the office at the same time.



Furnishing objects

Smania creates exclusive furnishing accessories perfect for giving your office a prestigious style, with details that are totally customisable. They are elements that integrate perfectly with the Smania total look, to give life to elegant aesthetic solutions: leather accessories, mirrors, paintings and decorative panels, rugs, vases, decorative objects, columns, objects in fabric.

Prints and decorative panels – Prints, paintings, panels: Smania proposes many solutions that enrich and make an executive office unique. Arabesque Line, a picture with vibrant aesthetics that expands in the room, joining with the melody created by the luxury furnishings. Decò, a precious picture in which the magnetism of the abstract meets the refinement of gold. Marble, where the icy nuances of marble make an environment elegant and refined. And many other proposals, which you will find available on

Columns – Towering and aristocratic like the Master column, or light and elegant like Lux? The choice is yours: both will give value to the object they support and make it the protagonist of the office.

Rugs – Very important as a decorative object, a rug in sheepskin and leather gives the office a welcoming and refined feel at the same time. Like Continental, a soft and elegant rug with rounded edges, or Iceberg, shiny and glacial in its softness. Discover all the Smania proposals in the dedicated section of the site.

Decorative objects – Fundamental for giving that extra touch to the luxury office, Smania’s decorative objects have an innate elegance and refinement that makes them absolutely unique. Discover Iris, which adapts to both classic and modern styles, or Nives, a ceramic vase with an elegant and refined antique finish. Without forgetting Troy, the symbolic horse of Smania, not only a simple ornament, but a true symbol of a lifestyle, the same that is expressed through Smania’s Italian luxury furniture, able to perfectly combine classic and modern.



Colours and shades for the executive office

The choice of the colour of the walls is also important in designing a luxury office. To be considered in relation to the style of the office, the combination of colours plays a fundamental role in the overall furnishing effect and must be harmonised with the furnishing accessories, paintings, prints and flooring.

Cream and beige are choices that suit both a classic and a more modern style and they give the room a touch of sobriety and elegance. Wood inlays or walls entirely in wooden panelling are indicated for a classic style, while dark brown and dark grey, cleverly combined with furniture in lighter shades, make the executive office refined and authoritative.

It is best to avoid excessively cold colours, which could lead to drowsiness, as well as colours that are too bright, which could increase visual stress and have too strong an impact for any visitors to the work spaces, such as customers or suppliers.

The choice of a professional

Smania is a solid and reliable partner for professionals who want to make their executive office unique. Let yourself be inspired by the Smania collection and rely on the Smania MyMood philosophy to make each piece of furniture and every decorative element truly unique.


Luxury furnishing solutions for hotels, outdoor furnishings and homes by Smania

Depending on the environment we are furnishing, the functions and design of the furniture will be different. Smania offers many customisable solutions to satisfy anyone who needs to give luxury furnishing to a hotel, an outdoor setting or a home.

A hotel, a home, a garden or a patio: each one of them has specific characteristics and all are furnished according to different criteria to appear functional, elegant and luxurious at the same time. In fact, “luxury” is not only synonymous with opulence, but also with comfort: a piece of furniture cannot be beautiful to look at but uncomfortable or serving no purpose. This is why Smania allows you to customise each piece of furniture to make it ideal for any environment, whether it’s a luxury hotel, a villa or a patio. In this article, together we will look at the solutions proposed by Smania in terms of luxury furnishings for hotels, an outdoor setting and homes.


Furnishing a luxury hotel: elegance and inspiration with Smania

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving. More and more frequently, hotels aim at giving their customers a unique experience. How? By designing and modifying the interior and outdoor furnishings to guarantee personalised experiences, making the living room a nothing less than an escape from reality and, at the same time, attaining the maximum comfort with high quality furnishings. Smania proposes many luxury hotel furnishing solutions, each one customisable down to the smallest detail: here are the proposals for furnishing the main environments of a 5-star hotel.



Reception and lobby: the hotel’s business card

The reception and lobby is the first environment the customer encounters when entering a hotel. If we want to present ourselves well, we must pay close attention to the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture and we have to immediately convey a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Depending on the style chosen, think about the position of the furnishing complements so that they are not an obstruction and they should be intelligently available depending on their use. For example, the counter must be easily accessible as soon as the guest enters the lobby, while the armchairs and sofas should create a separate and cosy environment.

Smania proposes sofas with soft shapes, suitable to a modern style like Ernest, reminiscent of classic furniture like Opium, or geometric like Miami 190, all of them customisable in their upholstery and details. There is also a vast choice of armchairs and ottomans, that run the gamut and include the more “romantic” forms of the classic chaise lounges. Don’t forget books and magazines to place on the low tables (here is the Smania range, which use  marble, wood, ceramics or glass) to give the guests a possibility for entertainment and relaxation.

You can also insert accessories in hi-tech or steel materials such as paperweights or decorative objects. Perfect, for example, is the Anemone by Smania, a decorative object in glass that gives elegance and exclusivity to the space.



The suite, the heart of the hotel

Now let’s talk about the rooms, the beating heart of your hotel. In a luxury hotel it is actually more appropriate to talk about a “suite”, since whatever room the guest chooses, he or she expects to find it unique, comfortable and suited to his or her needs. For example, a true luxury hotel should be able to assign the requested room to each guest, with all the specifics of the case: pet friendly, suitable for people with disabilities, on the ground floor, with a sea or garden view, with king size bed or two single beds and so on.

For this environment, Smania offers a variety of solutions, from the beds to the bedside tables and lighting. Perfect for a truly luxurious suite is, for example, the Caesar Train 360 US Standard King Size, a double bed with a padded headboard, or for a more romantic style, the James bed. To give a unique touch to the room, insert a mirror cabinet: the elegant and luxurious Grace proposed by Smania. Choose warm but functional lighting with the classic Marcel chandelier or more modern lighting with Jersey. Complete the furnishings with bedside tables and chests of drawers for storing personal effects, and a mirror to give brightness to the room.

Refined bars and restaurants

In a luxury hotel, the restaurant and bar must be suitable for hosting a refined and demanding public who can savour good food and drink and entertain important guests at the same time: the spaces to be created will therefore be comfortable for moments of relaxation but more secluded for private meetings. The bar counter must be important and spacious, tidy and always clean. No to plexiglass, yes to tech materials or wood.

The tables must be well separated, with or without tablecloths, depending on the style, with steel cutlery and high quality furnishings. Discover the Dean table by Smania, perfect for a luxury restaurant in its unique style, and when accompanied by the Amal chair creates a truly surprising effect.The outdoors always in top form in winter and summer

Garden, patio, porch or pool come take a place of prominence once again when the summer comes. But this is true no longer just in summer, because with the advent of new technologies and new materials, the outdoors is now being enjoyed even in winter. To make it luxurious and comfortable at the same time, it is necessary to artfully design the spaces and carefully choose the furnishings, the combination of colours and the lighting, as well as having a clear understanding of our tastes (or those of the customer).



An elegant patio to welcome guests

The patio is an outdoor space generally located at the entrance or the back of the house and often connected to it by sliding glass or a door. Especially in summer, it becomes a nothing less than an extra room, where one can spend free time relaxing with family or friends. To furnish it with taste and make it luxurious, let’s start from a premise: knowing how much space we have available. Depending on this we will dedicate a more or less extensive area to relaxation, where we will place sofas, armchairs and low tables as well as an area for enjoying food and drink, with a dining table complete with chairs.

Smania offers many solutions suitable for furnishing the outdoors: ad hoc for the patio are the Algero coffee tables, elegant and resistant at the same time, the Caprera chairs and the Figi sofas. To make our time spent in the open air really relaxing, we add the Amalfi baldachin. We embellish the environment with a Politech Vase, such as the Cachepot 2 and we’ll make it bright thanks to the elegant outdoor lighting solutions proposed by the Smania brand.

A luxury garden for every event

If we are dealing with the furnishing of a garden or a very large space, it might be useful to place outdoor benches and lanterns along the side of walkways and in the most relaxing spots (such as a waterfall or a Zen garden). If our outdoor area includes a swimming pool, we can place sunbeds or canopies on the perimeter: Smania proposes various models, depending on the environment. Remember to follow the same style as the other areas: even if they are not visible from the living area, they must be absolutely in line with the overall style.



Enjoy the outdoors even in winter with the veranda

The veranda is an excellent solution that lets you enjoy the outdoors even in winter. With fixed or retractable walls, in glass or wood, the veranda must be designed and furnished so as to be welcoming in every season. For this reason, the furniture must be suitable for withstanding summer heat and bad weather, but it should also be appropriate for a closed room in winter. There are many styles for furnishing a luxury veranda, Smania proposes a wide range of customisable furniture including chairs, dining and counter top tables, sofas, armchairs and ottomans that can are perfect for both the outdoors in summer and the indoors during the winter months.All the Smania proposals for every room in the house

A luxury interior is distinguished by its details, as well as by the quality of its furnishings: the right colours and shades, the textures, the decorative objects and the paintings, the arrangement of the furnishings in the living space can make all the difference. But, although the aesthetics of a home’s furnishings and its luxury are aspects of great importance, the functionality of the home in general and of furniture in particular plays the decisive role: luxurious but also perfect for living in. Let’s take a look at Smania’s proposals for the home’s main environments.

Living room

The living room is by definition the home environment dedicated to the family’s daytime activities and can be a complement or substitute, in the most modern homes, for the sitting room, more specifically dedicated to welcoming guests. It is therefore the room that more than any other reflects and externalises the style of the home and it has to be furnished with care. For this area, Smania offers sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chaise lounges, cabinets and low tables. Discover, for example, the Efeso bar cabinet, in wood with black top in black marquinia marble, perfect with a Beverly style sofa and a floor lamp like Wi.


Whether you choose an important bed like the Colorado Standard King Size, or the elegance of the Markus, the result will always be a refined and luxurious bedroom. If the ceiling is high you can play the card of the chandelier to illuminate the room, but the bedside lamps must diffuse a soft light: let’s make sure they are unique and particular to give a personal touch, using a lamp like Smania’s Biblo or Enya. We can add a screen and a vanity table to make the room a real jewel.




Imposing and elegant or minimal with geometric shapes and soft colours: the choice depends on the furnishing of the house and on personal taste, but the luxurious effect is assured if you choose the right furnishing components. For a study with a classic style we choose a solid wood desk like the Madison by Smania and a leather and steel chair like the Panama Low. A wall bookcase, again in wood, will give it the final touch. The darker the wood, the more impressive the effect will be. An abundance of books and a table calendar will give it the final touch.

For a modern style study, instead, we opt for a lighter bookcase and a desk with a slim support structure and squared shapes: perfect are the Jamal or the Manhattan. To accessorise the room we will choose objects with modern design, decorative objects in steel (discover those proposed by Smania) and we position the books symmetrically, not filling every shelf to capacity.


The kitchen environment is the one that most of all must reflect the home’s luxury while being at the same time functional. How to get this result? Certainly by choosing custom-made handcrafted furniture, realised with high quality materials, and equipping the kitchen with ultra-modern technologies and paying great attention to design and functional elements as well as those that are purely decorative.


The bathroom is the area of the house that should absolutely not be underestimated. Almost an actual Spa, in luxury homes it takes on fundamental importance. A hot tub and an emotional shower, a large sink and, obviously, the latest generation toilet and bidet cannot be missing. Everything has to be studied up to the smallest detail: add some plants and flowers to give colour, towels that are always coordinated and a piece of furniture to store the toiletries and personal effects. For a touch of glamour discover Smania’s vanity tables: perfect for a truly luxurious bathroom!

The plus of Smania MyMood

Smania has invented a philosophy behind the creation and choice of every piece of its furniture: with Smania MyMood, customising a luxury piece of furniture is extremely easy. In fact, Smania allows you to choose your favourite furnishing complement, among those proposed in this article and many others, and then you can customise it thanks to an infinite number of details and materials. You can decide on the fabric of a sofa or have it upholstered in leather, choose the type of wood for a table or the ceramic for a decorative object.


“The weather outside is frightful but your house is so delightful”

Gold, blue, and precious materials are the focus of Smania’s Christmas season, bringing a touch of magic and elegance to your home.

Beautiful and welcoming “holiday homes”, in which the Christmas tree, the decorations, and the ornaments combine with Smania’s luxury décor in the two colour tones chosen for the occasion: the colour gold, a classic par excellence, which recalls regal splendour, a captivating and important colour that has always been associated with the concept of celebration, is joined by blue, a colour usually reserved for Spring, but which becomes a protagonist of Smania’s décor, creating a more chic, sophisticated, and modern environment.

Spending Christmas at home with our loved ones is part of our tradition, and thus the home becomes a more intimate and special place in which to host family and friends.


The rounded and graceful lines of Kosmo, a set of three small ceramic tables with a polished gold finish, accompany the delightful Miami armchair upholstered in intense blue velvet; the Gatsby, with its distinct and embracing character upholstered in marvellous blue fabric, is set alongside the Iride table with its Azul Marcaubaus marble top, a table with quartzite crystals that create abstract designs ranging from blue to azure to gold. Teseo, a sophisticated decorated mirror, acts as a frame, photographing and brilliantly reflecting the beauty of Christmas.

To enliven Christmas lunch and make the table even more picturesque, rich, and radiant, Smania proposes its exclusive Jersey ceramic under-plates, characterised by gold lines, and the modern Bubble vases that illuminate the space with golden highlights.


Sitting at the table until late into the afternoon, exchanging presents, singing Christmas carols, and taking funny selfies is even more pleasant when surrounded by Smania’s classic and modern luxury décor.

Style details: the precious Smania accessories for the modern interior furnishing of the Ferretti 780 yacht

If luxury is the stuff of dreams, Smania makes you dream big. It is with this thought that the company always creates exclusive, unconventional luxury furnishings, with meticulous care over all those details that define the total look of the environment, whatever it may be. This is the case with the Ferretti 780 yacht, a new model among the luxury yachts of the Ferretti company, where luxury is the order of the day thanks to the precious Smania interior accessories chosen by the famous Italian brand of luxury boats. Because, in the end, it is the details that count.


From the dining room that is combined with the kitchen, passing through the living area to the bedroom, the Smania designed accessories have embellished, with their elegant touch of class, every room and complement of the modern interior furnishing of the Ferretti 780 yacht. The black table with glass top of the dining room is highlighted with the sparkling reflections of the finish created in 24 carat gold by MILO, the low ceramic vase with rounded, sinuous shapes that recall the lines of classical architecture. MILO is also present in a set of three vases, with different sizes and lengths, used to light the corner of the living room. As in all of Ferretti’s luxury yachts, this area of the Ferretti 780 model, with minimal but, at the same time, welcoming spaces, has a decidedly modern style thanks to the ANEOMONE and IRIS ornaments. Two decorative objects, with fluid, original shapes, in which all the experience in the ancient Veneto art of glass working of Smania’s artisans is enclosed. DAFNE, on the other hand, the glass vase in the pure shape of a droplet, is perfect to bestow that extra touch of sophistication to wooden furniture.


And the kitchen? To tastefully furnish this area of the Ferretti 780 yacht, Smania inserted the indispensable accessories for the modern interior furnishing with sophisticated design. An example? The JERSEY white ceramic table mat, unmistakable with its Jersey motif from which it takes its name, created from the crossing of sinuous lines made in a gilded finish. For use as a decorative object for the table or kitchen furniture, this table mat perfectly accompanies the set of six MEDUSA glasses, highly original with decorations in fused amber. Both these objects are perfect to astound guests and give a touch of sophistication to parties or dinners with friends aboard the luxury yachts. The Smania name also appears in the bedroom with two very beautiful AMBRA vases in shades of brown. The Ferretti 780 yacht is therefore a demonstration of how any environment can acquire a strong personality and be the utmost expression of luxury, thanks to the style and care for the details that Smania also puts into the creation of accessories for the modern interior furnishing of luxury boats.

Miami, a real jewel among Smania’s luxury armchairs

It is an elegant “jewel” of sophisticated furniture, pleasurable to see and experience. Miami, the armchair of the upholstery collection of the same name designed by Smania, is perfectly able to satisfy different tastes in furnishing thanks to its traditional and sophisticated forms. The most popular of Smania’s luxury armchairs, this magnificent article of furniture has a name that perfectly reflects its essence: just saying it evokes the relaxing atmosphere and glamour of the paradise city of Florida.


Miami is an article of furniture that never tires and always brings a touch of freshness to the living zone thanks to the striking intense blue colour of the velvet: a hue that can create different emotions depending on the lighting. But Miami is more than this because, in its details, it encapsulates all the passion and artisan skill that Smania invests in the creation of its prestigious furniture. It is the details that make Miami a masterpiece among luxury armchairs: the armrests and backrest are embellished with the dynamism of the Jersey quilting, a decoration of soft, crossed lines inspired by the weft of fabrics with oriental charm.


Miami’s sophisticated aesthetic is completed by its total comfort. The armchair is padded with differentiated densities, which gives a sensation of extreme lightness when sitting down. Its soft, comfortable seat truly pampers the body and the spirit. As with all Smania’s luxury furniture, Miama can be personalised to taste, changing the colour and type of covering. This freedom to express creativity and personality is the essence of MyMood, the concept that Smania devised for those who wish to furnish the spaces and rooms of a home with elegant articles of furniture that are, at the same time, unique of their kind.

Тhe new trends at the Salone del Mobile 2018

Smania has always been synonymous with luxury and elegance, as well as with constant research and evolution. A team of experts is constantly working to reconcile the harmony of classical forms with contemporary needs. Products created by the Smania Design Department prominently feature among the new trends at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Smania has created interior design elements and exclusive, functional furniture that lend character and personality to every room.

Furnishing accessories and high-quality furniture capable of creating an enveloping, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, upholstered in fabric or leather with strong or bold shades, or dream tables with a clearly defined design: these are the new trends designed to enhance the purest and most elegant shapes and to furnish the living room with taste and a highly aesthetic style.


Exclusive elements for a stylish home


The Gatsby chair is a sophisticated chair with a bold, enveloping character. It features an original combination of squared and rounded lines that define an essential, yet distinctive shape. This chair is an absolute novelty for Smania: it is the brand’s first indoor chair with an open backrest. The design plays with full and empty spaces and the legs, in steel or upholstered in fabric, perfectly harmonize with the chair’s sophistication. The upper part is elegant and refined: the completely customizable seat and backrest can be upholstered in fabric, leather or jersey.

The living area becomes more important with the Paul table, which is characterized by a structure and a profile in steel and by a surface in rosewood, walnut or lacquered wood. Once again, clean forms and defined shapes prevail, highlighting the perfectly tailored elements and the choice of very high-quality materials.


Details that make a difference


The new collection is part of the project to revisit the concept of living and experiencing a home that interprets Smania’s lifestyle. The company aims to support customers in the choice of fine, original products for classy decor that oozes passion and dedication to beauty.

Christmas with Smania furnishing accessories on your table

Christmas will soon be upon us and during festivities there is one home interior which reigns supreme: the dining room. This is where we all celebrate seated round the table, as we are served dish after dish. The star furniture piece of this room becomes a “table” so that you can fill your exclusive Christmas with colour, laden with accessories which reflect your personality and taste.

Decorating the table during festivities is all about selecting objects which bring atmosphere to life in an array of reflections, and which exude warmth and hospitality. Accessories for the kitchen and table can be used to match a special mood, identified by the combination of two or three typically festive colours, chosen according to your preferences. You can play with more traditional ones such as red, gold, green, blue and silver, or match them with neutral tonalities such as white, grey or beige.

An example can be seen in the ceramic
Talia trays with a sheen finishing containing 24 kt gold. The freedom to select the colour of finishings means that you can create these luxury accessories in pearl tonality and match them with two colours: white and blue. They are perfect matched with a dark blue table cloth, decorated with white-painted pine cones and illuminated by glitter.

Candles are another must for any Christmas table: choose the Bastet candle holder, also ceramic with sheen finishing. The platinum tonality is perfect matched with red candles: an original combination if you choose to decorate the table in silver and red.

If you choose to combine gold and green with grey, you could select a mat with a bronze colour sheen finishing which evokes warm gold tonalities, matched with grey leather table place sets and a leather place marker which you can personalise with your favourite cover. The rest of the table can be adorned by fir or clover branches to complete the selected mood.

Lastly, you can combine the warm nuances of bronze with celestial white. The white tray Margela is perfect in this case, with a bronze colour sheen finishing, perfect for serving your Christmas pudding. Lastly, you can match the Jersey table mats, also in white and bronze: this colour for finishing accessories and decorative plates is perfect for warming winter up.

The precious reflections of the sheen finishing distinguish Smania products for the table, perfect for festivities, not least because they can be customised to best suit your mood. By selecting one colour instead of another you can confer the style you want upon Christmas: classical or modern, but always chic.

Smania to unveil Paris bed, Cloe Sofa and Lock table with marble top at I Saloni Shanghai 2017

Smania – a celebration of both modern and classic styles – is back at the second edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai. One of a select few Italian companies taking part, the brand heads to China with the aiming of showcasing the allure, history and value of its intrinsic artisanal culture.


The Smania exhibition space at the I Saloni Shanghai 2017 is split into four rooms, each with its own unique total look brimming with exclusivity and sophistication. At the centre of the display are three new products making their global debuts at the event, where the brand aims to showcase how its furniture channels design and luxury into warm, inviting spaces, striking the perfect balance between elegance and sartorial traditions.


The star of the dining room is the rectangular Lock table with its brand-new Silver Wave marble table top. For the very first time, Smania is experimenting with the use of this stunning material for large surfaces, thus further increasing the scope for customisation with its pieces. The gorgeous veining of the marble, ranging from black to silver, reveals a multitude of subtle nuances that help to underline the beauty of the surrounding room. Meanwhile, the matte quality of the brushed, burnished steel detailing and the warmth of the Florida Beige leather that covers the base create a much-needed sense of contrast. The same finishes are also used for the Lock console table, in matte tobacco-coloured rosewood.
Completing the dining room collection are the Amal chairs in fabric with Jersey quilting, a pattern featuring fluid, oriental-style lines which is also found on the leather drawer fronts of the Jersey sideboard.
Finally, the Harrys bar is a celebration of master craftsmanship. Here, the materials are allowed to express themselves in all their natural beauty, with the expert framing elevating the wood to new levels of sophistication.


A second dining area is home to Dean, a round table perfect for socialising in an elegant and unique setting. Dean, which was unveiled last April in Milan, combines three wonderful materials to stunning effect: wood, whose timeless beauty lends class, leather – the tactile allure of which brings a sense of delicateness to the table – and metal, which illuminates the room with its reflections. Meanwhile, design and elegance meet functionality for the Lazy Susan positioned in the centre of the table, making it possible to share dishes, oriental-style.
Completing the effect are the simple, delicate lines of the Aura chairs, mellow and poetic, which ensure maximum comfort thanks to the soft padding used.


The big new arrival in the Smania living room collection is the Cloe sofa. Horizontal lines are used harmoniously for the backrest, which is split up into simple, geometric blocks. The unique shape of the armrest, which gets wider at the base, brings an unusual dynamism to the leather-clad structure. A bold personality, clean lines, a compact size and generous seat pads make this new model the centre of attention of Smania’s living room at Salone del Mobile Shanghai 2017. The Coral armchair, meanwhile, with its inviting, wrap-around design and curvy lines, is quite simply the embodiment of relaxation.
The Iride collection of side tables is all about the variety of finishes available. The tops are produced in either marble or wood, while the upholstery comes in leather or fabric.


The Smania bedroom draws on a number of fascinating style influences. The new Paris bed is the first model in the brand’s entire catalogue to feature capitonné, one of the most sought-after decorative effects in the furniture industry. The timeless charm of the classic headboard, with its pattern of diamonds defined with buttons at each point, contrasts with fluid, modern lines which bring a lighter feel to the austere, British-style sophistication of the piece. Produced in cream-coloured nabuck leather, the bed is testament to the manual skill and artisanal experience required to maintain the soul of a leather-making technique that has sustained exclusively by hand ever since 1800.
The Domino side tables celebrate the material beauty of nubuck and walnut crotch. It is the most prized and delicate part of the wood and requires a deep knowledge of the material and its manufacturing techniques. Smania’s artisans allow their creativity to lead the way as they combine the veining and patterning in the most harmonious, symmetrical way possible. Another fantastic example of this is the Loren make-up table, designed to combine style with practicality in a truly eclectic piece.


After its debut last year, the Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai is now established as a key platform for interacting with buyers from China’s main regions and those central regions currently experiencing strong growth. Smania has invested a great deal of thinking and resources into developing its strategy for the Chinese market, resulting in an exponential increase in revenue in the area, which is registering the brand’s highest growth rate in the past three years.


DOWNLOAD THE INVITE HERE:  smania-invito-salonedelmobile-shanghai

Smania: the most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns at Crocus Expo 2017

Exclusive and unconventional, Smania furnishings at Crocus Expo 2017 (from 11th to 14th October 2017) are expressions of an innate artisan culture. Design and luxury conveyed in pieces of furniture characterised by a strong design identity.


Decisive tactile flair is reinterpreted through the Contrast collection, which distinguishes itself in a flourish of daring style contaminations. Masterfully blended woods, leathers and fabrics. Eclectic suggestions seamlessly matched with refined elegance, the Maison’s stylistic hallmark, create warm and enveloping atmospheres: opaque tobacco rosewood and opaque rosewood, nabuk and black brushed nickel are reborn in a new light, thanks to masterful craftsmanship and an eye for detail.


The essential lines of the Jamal desk exude unique tactile qualities. Precious and masterfully crafted wood is matched with leather, introducing materials of sartorial tradition. With its fluid and orientally inspired lines, the Jersey pattern features in engravings and embellishes both drawer fronts. An enrapturing result which captures the gaze, before we let it wander onto the Afef ottoman, an expression of softness, featuring mild and fascinating lines, and the Nadir mirror, where the pattern amplifies the accessory’s ornamental strength.


The Rasha console presents a distinctive texture, a leitmotif in the collection which recurs in the Jersey dresser, in leather covered engraved wood, and in the Miami upholstered range. Here, the decisive character of lines is matched with the decorative dynamism of quilting used to embellish backs and arm rests. The body’s geometric severity hosts soft and ample cushioning, defining an overall reassuring image.


Artisan quality and perfection define the entire Smania exhibition area at I Saloni Worldwide Moscow 2017, enriched by some of the brand’s iconic pieces. The Caesar Train bed reigns supreme in the bedroom, exuding sheer exuberance with its important, geometric headboard of singular and polyhedral elegance.
The living area is endowed with vibrant and balanced atmospheres: the Mister P sofa, a veritable refuge of relaxation, exemplifies fine craftsmanship and flexibility in virtue of its rich catalogue of leathers and fabrics. The Galliano console is a homage to the concept of balance, both for its structure, featuring alternating linear and round geometric forms, and its materials.


Heterogeneous furnishing solutions in a showcase, the Crocus 2017, involving markets which are arousing considerable interest. Russia, as well as former Soviet Republic countries are paying increasing attention to product quality and potential for personalised residential and contract projects.
Focus is on attention to detail, the meticulous processing of fine materials and the ability to satisfy specific requests with a wide range of services during the design phase.


Crocus Expo – Hall 8 – C59
Mezhdunarodnaya 16, P.O. box 92
Krasnogorsk, 143402.
Krasnogorsk area, Moscow Region

London Design Festival: a chance to visit the Smania exhibition area at Harrods

If you are in London for the London Design Festival, whatever you’re up to, head over to the House of Design on the third floor at Harrods. The Smania furniture and accessories exhibition is located on the same floor, in the Modern Glamour area.

The new exhibition space aims to showcase the superb quality and luxury artisan details which have always distinguished Smania. The showroom features a selection of new products along with some of the company’s best-loved furniture pieces, by customers and architects alike.
Also on show, the new collection Contrast, presented at Salone del Mobile 2017, characterised by its iconic jersey pattern and the supremacy of leather on wood, such as in the bedside tables Lock. Each product exudes eclectic design, with elegant wood, quality leathers, textiles bursting with incisive colours, elite marbles and shiny metals.
Harrods, a reference point on the world luxury scene, is the perfect venue for Smania furniture and accessories. We aim to raise awareness of our exclusive style and unique made in Italy savoir faire right here, at this international and refined department store.

After visiting the area dedicated to Smania, why not visit the original London Design Festival exhibition at Harrods? House of Design is a reduced scale model of the London borough of Knightsbridge, featuring miniature homes, created by a few designer brands whose products are on display at the famous department store.
The exhibition is open from September 13th – 27th and will focus on artisan skills as well as sophisticated design, both essential values at Smania. We are eager to share all this and we warmly extend our invitation to visit us at House of Design.

London Design Festival 2017 is the fifteenth edition of an unmissable event for anyone visiting the British capital. Over 400 events and installations have been scheduled throughout the city, this year also including the fashionable Mayfair area. Over 3 million visitors are expected to visit from over 75 countries. The London Design Festival aims to transform London into the new Capital of Design. Will it succeed in surpassing Milan and its Salone del Mobile?

Furnish a seaside home with the sophistication of Smania furniture

In a seaside home, the windows are expanses of rich blue and azure: waves and sky are the central features of the landscape. Inside, warm sunlight alternates with the intense freshness of the night in a dance seconded only by the pleasurable hints of relaxation.
To furnish a seaside home, let yourself be pervaded by that sensation of wellbeing typical of holidays and choose the furniture and accessories by thinking of the space as a refuge to be made eclectic, elegant and rich. Sophistication must be the leitmotiv of the elements chosen for their affinity with the sea, their personality and their functionality.

The perfect colours for the seaside home are those of the marine environment: blue and all its shades will take centre stage, along with beige in all those hues that recall grains of sand. An important role is played by white, perfect for amplifying the summer light.

For the interiors of seaside homes, the Iride low coffee table is perfect: The Azul Macaubas marble floor recalls the mother-of-pearl reflections of the shells. The living room can be completed with the Miami armchairs and sofas, covered in white Vamp fabric, bright and fresh and perfect for summer. The same colour can be reiterated in the Jersey dresser, which can also be in powder or beige lacquer.

The dining room is worth special attention: you will invite friends to dinner here, and evenings will turn to nights in an exclusive ambience of conviviality. The Lock table can be part of the furnishing of the luxury seaside home; very sizeable, it can be made from the same blue marble as the living room or with beige or powder lacquer. The perfect chairs are Amal, the fabrics of which can be varied: based on the materials chosen for the table, you can select a solid colour or choose the texture of Snake – in Blue and Mint versions – which recalls the sophisticated tail of a mermaid. The Acqua colour of the Bellini fabric should be considered, given that it can produce golden or blue highlights depending on the viewer’s perspective.

For the bedrooms, these are the ideas for furnishing the seaside home: the bedhead and the frame of the Continental bed can be covered in blue or azure fabrics such as Vivaldi –in the Ocean and Teal colours respectively. Or you could choose Space in Mint colour, which recalls the waves of the sea. To complete the room, the Botticelli bedside tables and chest of drawers are perfect: capable of bestowing light on the space and displaying their chick nature.

And finally, for the exterior furniture of the seaside home, we recommend the Amalfi sofa and armchair: sophisticated, bright and ultra-comfortable. Combined with Alghero coffee table, these articles of furniture are displayed in the neutral hues of summer, those colours that bring to mind afternoons with the scent of salt spray and the sound of cicadas.

In search for luxury tables with a strong character and ductile design? We give you Dean

Smania luxury tables reign supreme in dining room interiors, where they set the style. If you are looking for a furniture piece worthy of becoming the undisputed focal point of your living area, then Dean is for you. Presented during the Salone del Mobile 2017, it is part of the Contrast collection, conceived by Alessandro La Spada. A collection whose raison d’être is harmonious material contrast. Indeed Dean is a table to be admired and caressed, a furnishing element which encourages conviviality in the most elegant and exclusive manner.

Dean is a masterful balance of three excellent materials: wood, whose eternal beauty adds class, leather, whose tactile allure confers delicacy, and lastly metal, whose reflexes illuminate the interior. Dean sets itself apart from other round luxury tables, endowed with a tactile creativity which wins you over at first glass, an inexhaustible allure your guests will truly fall in love with. Its rounded forms are well matched with the
Muriel round rug, featuring a pattern echoed in the Jersey credenzas and bookshelves. The finesse of curved lines is also palpable in the Amira tub chair, of unmatchable decorative power, perfect for complementing Dean’s explosive aesthetics.

The superb design and masterful balance of materials means that Dean comes under a category of classical style tables which also embrace a more modern taste, an expression of the original personality which characterise Smania furnishings.
However, original forms and class materials are not the only aspects which render Dean sophisticated. Personalisation is also important, namely the opportunity to truly create this table in the image of your irreplaceable style. Combine reflexes and shades to create an original, unprecedented table, completely different from all other luxury dining tables. Visit the page dedicated to Dean and discover the materials you can use to personalise this Smania furnishing piece in the My Mood area. Click on each one to find out all available colours. You can further enrich the centre of the table with a Lazy Suzy rotating surface: a touch of class for an even more exclusive Dean. The rotating element draws inspiration from oriental culture which places particular importance on conviviality. Lazy Suzy ensures that all your hosts have easy access to shared dishes, for an enjoyable and carefree dining experience. All this without taking any space away from the table: the rotating surface is slightly raised so that you can make the most of the entire surface of Dean.

Your luxury dining room deserves an ultra-chic table which exudes refinement and distinguishes itself as a bold feature. This table is Dean.

Luxury sofas of the Miami collection

Smania enriches its luxury sofas collection with the Miami upholstery. New style suggestions defining the elegant living. The essence of the creative project takes shape in geometric solids placed side by side or overlapping: a linear structure which describes a distinguished harmonic language.


The distinctive character of lines meets the decorative dynamism of the Jersey quilting, an interpretation of exoticism inspired by the weave of fascinating oriental fabrics. Flowing strokes to enhance the backrest and the armrests. The strict geometric of the shell embraces large and soft cushions able to give a reassuring aspect to the whole.


The eclectic nature of the Miami luxury sofas results in a modern elegance rich in the inherent value confirming the symbiotic relationship between form and finish. Trait d’union: the perfection of hand-made details and the quality of materials. A modern refinement for an upholstered furniture collection which comes with the sofa, offered in three sizes, and the armchair.

Smania: the most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns.


Since 1967, Smania has designed, cut and sewn to create furniture and accessories that are suffused with it creative DNA, sculptural style and the intense energy of its passion, the essential ingredients of an audacious beauty at the centre of every creation.


Luxury, exclusive and unconventional furniture, with great attention to all those details that define the total look of the Smania ambience. Every article, an expression of fine, deep-rooted quality, is the result of the pleasure of creating. Sartorial flexibility dedicated to personal satisfaction and perfection in the details.


The new Salone del Mobile 2017 catalogue

Smania handmade culture is once again perceived in our Salone del Mobile 2017 Catalogue with the Contrast Collection, designed by Alessandro La Spada and presented during Milan Exhibition. Refined essences and carefully chosen materials see a new light, thanks to the brand undiminished care and competence.


Handmade culture is expressed through the attention paid to details, tangible proofs of a well-thought and established quality. The result is a piece of furniture characterized by a daring beauty that conveys an unlimited passion and a competence gained over time. Furniture and furnishing of this collection are characterized by a play on perspectives that subverts the way materials are conventionally used.


A refined wooden soul reveals the leather, expressed in all its exclusive softness. This contrast, conceived by La Spada, is enriched by Oriental motif thanks to fluid lines texture and evocative colors that catches the eye.


Download the Salone del Mobile 2017 Catalogue  and discover the products presented during Milan Exhibition Salone del Mobile 2017. While looking at the Catalog pages let yourself be inspired by the exclusive pieces of furniture of the Contrast Collection and the new Outdoor line products.


LOCK DINING. Smooth, luxury shapes and oriental motif fabrics characterize the living area, thus revealing all its beauty. Smania handcrafting culture represented by every detail, disclosed by an elegant precision, created with dedication.


DEAN DINING. Smania creativity is revealed thanks to a perspective paly that subverts the way materials are conventionally used. Wood becomes an internal component, while the external one is a leather surface. Thanks to this an unusual perception the space acquire a new and elegant quality.


LIVING. A soft, tempting-shaped sofa is pure relax that supports and envelopes. Smania living room is characterized by magnetic colors and trimmed leathers, whose geometrical lines are those typical of Jersey motif.


BEDROOM. Peculiar and sinuous shapes create a perfect equilibrium of perspectives that gives a bed a velvet sensation. Leather, fabric and wood, in fact, are masterfully alternated, subverting usual proportions and diffusing an exclusive sophistication.


THE OFFICE. A Smania office conveys warm elegance, that combines both classic and modern styles. This can be perceived through a light and dark juxtaposition between leathers and wood grains, which characterizes a fluid, timeless layout.


OUTDOOR. Smania outdoor embodies the pure nature allure thanks to light lines and vibrant colors. The contrast between fullness and emptiness, the equilibrium between materials and slender structures characterize these exclusive pieces of furniture, conceived for dehors with a chic soul.

Smania opens a new showroom at Harrods

Smania have this month opened a new showroom at Harrods in London. Their new roomsets, on the Third Floor or the store, sit perfectly amongst a collection of the world’s finest furniture, sourced from across the globe.


Smania will use the 200 square metrespace, to present a curated selection of the finest products, all of which demonstrate the brand’s commitment to deep-rooted quality, and unconventional design.


The eclectic looks created on the floor are designed to inspire customers, and to showcase Smania’s valuable artisan culture. Burnt orange tones have been paired with dark grey upholstery and rich leathers, which come together to create a sophisticated, masculine aesthetic.


The Contrast collection – designed by celebrated product designer, Alessandro La Spada – takes centre stage in the new Harrods space, with the carved wooden Jersey sideboard, the Amal armchairs, the Lock table and Derby sofa all displayed.


The brand, famous for their modern classic designs, will also be showcasing their best-selling Gramercy collection, office furniture with a difference. This range is characterized by precious woods and leather accents, and sits perfectly within in the new Harrods space.


The furniture, lighting and accessories available in the Smania new showroom at Harrods are designed to work as a starting point for discerning design-lovers to imagine their own, unique pieces; customising and creating through the wide range of finishes available across materials including wood, fabrics, leathers, metals and marbles.


Watch the new showroom at Harrods video


Smania at Salone del Mobile 2017, between indoor and outdoor, between classic and modern

Smania indoor and outdoor collections at Salone del Mobile 2017 reinterpret tailor made wood pieces with refined elegance and enrich high-value materials: wood veneers, leathers and fabrics.


Contrast, designed by Alessandro La Spada, is the indoor collection which breaks old patterns, whose fil rouge is the contamination of styles creating an original interpretation of the luxury lifestyle in the living area and in the office.


Oriental sensations for the Jersey elements which draw inspiration from the weave of a priceless fascinating fabric. Flowing lines on wood and leather upholstery create a unique texture, a dazzling result which catches the eye and directs the attention to chairs, lamps, rugs, sideboards and wooden furniture. The Amal armchair and the carved wooden Jersey sideboard covered in leather, carry out the job of presenting a preview of the series, which will unveil other brand new creations at Salone del Mobile in April.


The Lock elements, as its name suggests, feature an unmistakable shape of a lock that becomes the distinctive architecture of every piece of furniture, from Derby sofa to Dean and Lock dining tables, from small tables to chest of drawers. A game of perspectives which reverses the conventional use of materials: wood that used to be always on the outside is moved to the inside, and the outside becomes a surface made of processed leather or nabuk.


The final effect is a sensory pleasure with a overturning of perspectives and a choice of materials which focuses on a refined tactile sense. Matt tobacco rosewood and matt rosewood, nabuk and black brushed nickel get a new lease on life thanks to careful and skilled craftsmanship, the greatest strength of Smania’s production.


A natural oasis welcomes the brand new products of the outdoor collection by Smania, presented for the first time at Salone del Mobile 2017. The creative flair of Alessandro La Spada moulds organic shapes resulting in soft lines and sinuous curves inspired by scents and sensations of marvellous spring gardens in bloom.


The thin drawing of branching veins, the most intimate and ethereal part of leaves become the impressive canvas for the structure of the furnishings in painted aluminium, a pure wireframe revealed, in all its simplicity, in the Paros small tables with crystal top, in the Ios vases and in the Chios lamps and lanterns.


Light and delicate compositions which meet textured materials, with cutting-edge technical feature, in the Samos armchair and sofa, in the soft Evia chaise longue and in the evocative Hydra armchair with hood cover.


A different aesthetics, warm and welcoming, leads to a blurring of boundaries between indoor and outdoor, which become contact points for a line with a wrap-around look.


Here, full volumes triumph over empty spaces and materials play a decisive role in the narration. The warmth of teak, midway between classic and contemporary, meets stainless steel details and stone tops in the Tahiti small tables. Texture become the essential spark for Cook cachepots and the Tonga container, which are completely lined.


The upholstered armchair and sofa Figi, covered with contrast fabrics, one for the inside and another one for the outside, recall a new design concept where boundaries blend and come together in perfect harmony: furnishings conceived to portray the contemporary living between indoor and outdoor, a perfect choice for open spaces, terraces and winter gardens.


Beside the classic Ice white, Smania at Salone del Mobile 2017 chooses deep tones to present the new pieces of the outdoor collection: Carob ruby, Night blue, shades able to confer great verve to couture creations, Bronze and Pearl to describe warmth, cosiness and firmness