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Furnishing an office isn’t as simple as it might seem, especially if we are talking about the design of a luxury studio. With Smania you have the possibility of customising every furnishing element in all of its details so that you achieve a unique result for your work environment.

The office is the business card of a company and as such has to be furnished very carefully. An executive office has to convey authority, solidity, reliability, and at the same time, it has to be elegant and luxurious for welcoming visitors. To achieve this result, it is necessary to design the space very well, with furnishing being chosen based on aesthetics, but also on functionality.

An aesthetically pleasing office equipped with comfortable and elegant design furnishing elements will give a good impression of the company to customers and potential buyers and it will allow you to work better and more comfortably, in an environment that is a reflection of your identity.

Smania allows you to choose between different styles of luxury office furniture and to customise each piece of furniture in every detail: from the desk, chairs, bookcase and lighting to the decorative objects. Before proceeding with the choice of furniture, however, here are some tips to keep in mind for furnishing a luxury office.



Furnishing a luxury office: 5 rules to follow

Furnishing a luxury executive office means carefully designing the spaces and furnishings, which must be elegant and, at the same time, have got to convey solidity and concreteness. The office is the place that represents your company and welcomes colleagues, partners and important customers, so it must stand out for luxury and refinement and be attentive to design right up to the smallest detail. In this article, together we will see the solutions proposed by Smania for furnishig every space that makes up a luxury executive office, but first, here are 5 rules that you should keep in mind when designing your office.

Choose functional and comfortable furniture

Desks and chairs are indispensable furniture in any office. It is essential that these furnishing complements are comfortable and functional, as well having a good design style, so as to protect the health of those who spend so much time there every day.

The Desks must be large enough to accommodate computers, documents and personal items and, at the same time, allow freedom of movement.

The chairs should be adequately padded, to support the seating position and always guarantee an optimal and comfortable posture. They must also be adjustable in height and inclination.

Welcoming, before all else

Without giving up luxury, we make the office welcoming through warm lighting and we give it character by adding furnishing objects and decorative elements. Remember that wood and leather by definition convey a feeling of warmth, but even an executive office furnished in a minimal style can be welcoming.

Design the spaces with great care

Before choosing the furniture you have to carefully design the spaces in the office.  Depending on the size of the room, we will position the desk, which must necessarily face the door, the bookcase and any floor lamps. Only then will it be possible to complete the furnishing by choosing the style and the furniture, as well as giving it a distinctive character through objects and decorative elements.



Create an environment that expresses leadership

Through the arrangement of the furniture and the choice of the accessories we can convey an aura of authority and solidity that will be perceived by those who visit the office. An impressive wooden desk is by definition a symbol of power and solidity, however, if well designed, even a study in the modern or minimal style can express authority.

It is necessary to select quality materials and furniture: wrought iron and stainless steel for desks, filing cabinets and bookcases with a solid and resistant soul; marble, glass and crystal to cover surfaces and tops with sophistication.

To complete the office furnishing with a distinctive aesthetic touch, select armchairs, sofas, ottomans and chaise lounges upholstered in black or white leather, with traditional or capitonné upholstery: a classic style that remains the ideal one for even the most modern spaces.

Make the work environment stimulating

Making the workplace stimulating and personal will allow you to work with greater concentration, additionally, it will give a clear motivational message to customers and partners.

Establish a concept that can use aesthetic terms to express the mood and goals that make your company the best in the field, trying to create a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere.

To avoid creating an aseptic and cold environment, you could add bold, eye-catching decorative elements and design objects to your office furnishing, which reflect your aesthetic sense, or put on the walls some framed posters of quotes by personalities that are an inspiration for your work and the activities you are doing.

Add a personal touch

The executive office, first and foremost, in addition to being an extension of the company, must say something about you, your professional life, your interests and your aesthetic tastes. For this reason, your office should have a well-defined functional and aesthetic character, with accessories that reflect the corporate identity and make it elegant and refined.



Smania’s solutions for the office

Smania proposes various furnishing solutions for a luxury executive office, completely customisable according to the chosen style. Let’s start with the essential: desk and chairs and then go to the bookcase, lighting and furnishing objects.

Depending on the size of the room and the light that is available, we will position the various furnishing accessories according to a very precise logic. For example, if the room is spacious and has large windows, we can choose wood furniture without the risk of burdening the environment. On the contrary, if natural light is scarce, we will have to be careful to light up the room with lamps and chandeliers without creating an artificial effect and we can add brightness through objects that reflect or with materials such as glass and steel. This absolutely does not exclude the use of wood: in the modern classic style, for example, materials, textures and colours are expertly mixed to create a classic effect without renouncing modern furniture.

Desks and chairs

Imposing or with slender lines, the desk is the essence of an executive office. Smania proposes different models of desks and file cabinets, all customisable in their material and details. They range from the important shapes of the Presidential and Metropolis desks, with a strong and elegant character that makes a statement in the office.

We then move on to the more discreet and linear Gramercy 210, with elegant steel details, and to the Jamal desk, having a classic look with leather-covered legs and steel details, to then arrive at the elegant Sirio Mood writing desk, to be placed as a complement to the desk and that brings to mind the lines of a piano, and to Marlon, a refined writing desk with leather details.

The file cabinets proposed by Smania are not secondary, such as the splendid Dat Plus with its strong and versatile character that finds its place in an executive office where two styles coexist, the classic and the modern, or the Gramercy storage unit, which combines a sophisticated design with the efficiency that every piece of office furniture must have.

Each desk must be accompanied by an equally important chair. Smania offers many solutions, from the Roller office chair, with its understated elegance, up to Carey, an executive chair with a trendy design and well-defined lines.




The bookcase is a must in any executive office. The bookcases proposed by Smania are high quality furnishings that are characterised by their exclusive craftsmanship and refined details. On the Smania website you can choose between various bookcases in modern style and with classic notes or you can customise the one you prefer by choosing from a range of diverse materials and unique inlays.

The Smania range varies from the imposing Duke, a bookcase with sculptural elegance, illuminated by metal lines and enriched by leather details, to the more classic Gramercy, a modular bookcase in solid wood.

The Biblo 09 display case/bookcase is also of great importance, giving the office a strong character by embedding itself in the wall: the objects placed on its shelves double their decorative power thanks to the elegant and evocative allure of this bookcase.


The lighting of an executive office deserves a separate chapter. Before choosing how to place the lights in the office, it is necessary to consider how to make the most of natural light. Large windows and skylights help to bring light into work environments, but we must not forget adequate “darkening systems” (that is, shutters, blinds and curtains) to prevent too much light from causing glare and reflections. The ideal is to combine natural light and artificial light in a virtuous manner.

In addition to classic chandeliers and wall lamps, table and floor lamps can also be considered for perfectly illuminating the office.

Smania proposes various solutions for suspended lighting: the Judith chandelier is understated and elitist. Its nine lights amplify the lighting of the environment thanks to the brilliance of the reflections that are created by the metal of the structure. Instead, the Bastet chandelier is more sinuous and sophisticated, equally perfect for furnishing a luxury executive office. But there are many solutions proposed by Smania: discover them all in the section dedicated to lighting.

Here you will also find a vast selection of table and floor lamps: the elegant Snooker and the extroverted Sharon, which is nothing less than a furnishing jewel, or the refined Jersey, a floor lamp perfect for illuminating even the more remote corners, giving elegance and austerity to the office at the same time.



Furnishing objects

Smania creates exclusive furnishing accessories perfect for giving your office a prestigious style, with details that are totally customisable. They are elements that integrate perfectly with the Smania total look, to give life to elegant aesthetic solutions: leather accessories, mirrors, paintings and decorative panels, rugs, vases, decorative objects, columns, objects in fabric.

Prints and decorative panels – Prints, paintings, panels: Smania proposes many solutions that enrich and make an executive office unique. Arabesque Line, a picture with vibrant aesthetics that expands in the room, joining with the melody created by the luxury furnishings. Decò, a precious picture in which the magnetism of the abstract meets the refinement of gold. Marble, where the icy nuances of marble make an environment elegant and refined. And many other proposals, which you will find available on

Columns – Towering and aristocratic like the Master column, or light and elegant like Lux? The choice is yours: both will give value to the object they support and make it the protagonist of the office.

Rugs – Very important as a decorative object, a rug in sheepskin and leather gives the office a welcoming and refined feel at the same time. Like Continental, a soft and elegant rug with rounded edges, or Iceberg, shiny and glacial in its softness. Discover all the Smania proposals in the dedicated section of the site.

Decorative objects – Fundamental for giving that extra touch to the luxury office, Smania’s decorative objects have an innate elegance and refinement that makes them absolutely unique. Discover Iris, which adapts to both classic and modern styles, or Nives, a ceramic vase with an elegant and refined antique finish. Without forgetting Troy, the symbolic horse of Smania, not only a simple ornament, but a true symbol of a lifestyle, the same that is expressed through Smania’s Italian luxury furniture, able to perfectly combine classic and modern.



Colours and shades for the executive office

The choice of the colour of the walls is also important in designing a luxury office. To be considered in relation to the style of the office, the combination of colours plays a fundamental role in the overall furnishing effect and must be harmonised with the furnishing accessories, paintings, prints and flooring.

Cream and beige are choices that suit both a classic and a more modern style and they give the room a touch of sobriety and elegance. Wood inlays or walls entirely in wooden panelling are indicated for a classic style, while dark brown and dark grey, cleverly combined with furniture in lighter shades, make the executive office refined and authoritative.

It is best to avoid excessively cold colours, which could lead to drowsiness, as well as colours that are too bright, which could increase visual stress and have too strong an impact for any visitors to the work spaces, such as customers or suppliers.

The choice of a professional

Smania is a solid and reliable partner for professionals who want to make their executive office unique. Let yourself be inspired by the Smania collection and rely on the Smania MyMood philosophy to make each piece of furniture and every decorative element truly unique.


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