It all began thanks to the creative inspiration of Alberto Smania, who worked in iron manufacturing.
Combining with inventiveness the iron scraps, the company's founder begins his adventure in the furnishing world creating his first low table.

It’s sudden innovation, driven by a constant research for originality and beauty that characterizes Smania even today. It is but a short step from iron to wood: tables, chairs, beds, bookcases are created; pieces of furniture characterized by an increasingly high, sophisticated and daring aesthetic taste.


The taste of Alberto Smania meets the multiple identities of the wood. The lightness of the bamboo and the nuances of the briar-root give life to exclusive furniture where erable, finds its place, too: a particular essence that can easily be painted in different colors.


These are the years of the polish briar-root in polyester, whose distinctive feature is the extraordinary strength. It was Smania that used it first: thanks to this particular insight, the company begins to expand overseas.


It is in 1997 that the first outdoor collection is created: Eden, Smania heavenly garden.

During these years veranda items made in midollino, rope and iron predominate; combined with some pieces of briar-root, they assert themselves on the international market.

Early 2000’s

Wengé becomes part of Smania creations. Its dark shades are ideal to convey the force of Smania character. Along with crocodile printed leather, the search for new materials continues unabated. The eclecticism at the base of the company DNA is celebrated in the Master catalog.


The designer Alessandro La Spada begins his collaboration with the company, drawing some of the products so far designed by Smania brothers, Alberto and Fabrizio. The horse, previously introduced by Alberto as a decorative element in his made in Italy furniture becomes the hallmark of the company.


Smania is excellent wood tailoring. For the first time it uses the burr walnut, creating the furniture present in the Master Mood catalogue. This particular essence, worked carefully and with taste, is a symbol of the refined Smania craftsmanship.

But that's not all: the outdoor is the main context of Costa Rey collection, characterized by a highly modern style, made so by distinctive square lines.


The design manufacturing pay attention to each detail and combine leather and wood: smooth inserts that, together with rounded tops, steel - Increasingly used- and much brighter colors, give birth to the Beyond collection.

To go beyond, as anticipates the collection name "To change style means to have style” is the inspiring motto by La Spada, main Beyond designer


Nubuck fumé, soft and firm, is peculiar to the new collection The Club.


Smania style becomes stronger: traits become compact, dark, in a real deco style.

It is this bold and determined character that emerges from the Master Collection, which embodies two souls. Two designers, Rune Ricciardelli and Fabián Pellegrinet Conte, and two stylistic personalities: square lines and rounded traits combined together


Smania it is not just wood, and it demonstrates this with even more expressiveness thanks to the new Home Couture collection, with its innovative fabric finishes used for coverings and inserts. Leathers and fabrics textures and colors give a different personality to products.


This is the year in which the opposite becomes new, the year of the contrast in harmony, the year of change.
The leather becomes the protagonist, the wood is quarterswan and the aesthetic Lock element is introduced, together with the Jersey texture that once again emphasizes the tailoring character of the company.

The furniture assume new and intense nuances in the new Contrast collection that, as the name itself suggests, subverts the aesthetic standards of the company. A line designed entirely by Alessandro La Spada.


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