Smania philosophy

Smania: the most modern among the classics, the most classic among the moderns

Two styles that coexist, creating an exclusive and unconventional luxurious décor, paying particularattention to all those details that define Smania total look

The essence of our products is the daring beauty, capable of overcoming its own borders.
We’re driven by creative passion. The know-how gained over the years mixes with a peculiar design, characteristic of Made in Italy. Our DNA is creative, our taste sculpted and the energy that identifies us intense.

Smania represents handmade culture. Characterized by a strong material flair, we, draw, cut, sew and produce furniture and accessories that contain the energy of our passion. We do not fill spaces with our furniture: thanks to exclusive details, it is our stylish pieces of furniture that decorate and characterize the most exclusive houses, the most elegant offices, the most sophisticated dehors, the most prestigious yachts and hotels all over the world.

We shape your desires.

Our goal is achieving perfection, and it suits us. The study of every detail, the attention paid to selected materials and the search for balanced proportions characterize Smania items, which embody a high-quality and well-established standard.

Brand promise

Two souls cohexist in Smania design: yours and ours.
Smania design is an eclectic one, able to maintain its own audacity and elegance. It is able to give space to your mood, preserving Smania’s essence and its distinctive character.

Smania total living highlights the distinguishing features of different characters, reflecting them in every detail by selecting materials such as wood, fabrics, leathers, marbles and metals where your personality can be reflected. In this way each piece of furniture becomes a unique one.


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