Luxury furnishing solutions for hotels, outdoor furnishings and homes by Smania


Depending on the environment we are furnishing, the functions and design of the furniture will be different. Smania offers many customisable solutions to satisfy anyone who needs to give luxury furnishing to a hotel, an outdoor setting or a home.

A hotel, a home, a garden or a patio: each one of them has specific characteristics and all are furnished according to different criteria to appear functional, elegant and luxurious at the same time. In fact, “luxury” is not only synonymous with opulence, but also with comfort: a piece of furniture cannot be beautiful to look at but uncomfortable or serving no purpose. This is why Smania allows you to customise each piece of furniture to make it ideal for any environment, whether it’s a luxury hotel, a villa or a patio. In this article, together we will look at the solutions proposed by Smania in terms of luxury furnishings for hotels, an outdoor setting and homes.


Furnishing a luxury hotel: elegance and inspiration with Smania

The world of hospitality is constantly evolving. More and more frequently, hotels aim at giving their customers a unique experience. How? By designing and modifying the interior and outdoor furnishings to guarantee personalised experiences, making the living room a nothing less than an escape from reality and, at the same time, attaining the maximum comfort with high quality furnishings. Smania proposes many luxury hotel furnishing solutions, each one customisable down to the smallest detail: here are the proposals for furnishing the main environments of a 5-star hotel.



Reception and lobby: the hotel’s business card

The reception and lobby is the first environment the customer encounters when entering a hotel. If we want to present ourselves well, we must pay close attention to the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture and we have to immediately convey a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Depending on the style chosen, think about the position of the furnishing complements so that they are not an obstruction and they should be intelligently available depending on their use. For example, the counter must be easily accessible as soon as the guest enters the lobby, while the armchairs and sofas should create a separate and cosy environment.

Smania proposes sofas with soft shapes, suitable to a modern style like Ernest, reminiscent of classic furniture like Opium, or geometric like Miami 190, all of them customisable in their upholstery and details. There is also a vast choice of armchairs and ottomans, that run the gamut and include the more “romantic” forms of the classic chaise lounges. Don’t forget books and magazines to place on the low tables (here is the Smania range, which use  marble, wood, ceramics or glass) to give the guests a possibility for entertainment and relaxation.

You can also insert accessories in hi-tech or steel materials such as paperweights or decorative objects. Perfect, for example, is the Anemone by Smania, a decorative object in glass that gives elegance and exclusivity to the space.



The suite, the heart of the hotel

Now let’s talk about the rooms, the beating heart of your hotel. In a luxury hotel it is actually more appropriate to talk about a “suite”, since whatever room the guest chooses, he or she expects to find it unique, comfortable and suited to his or her needs. For example, a true luxury hotel should be able to assign the requested room to each guest, with all the specifics of the case: pet friendly, suitable for people with disabilities, on the ground floor, with a sea or garden view, with king size bed or two single beds and so on.

For this environment, Smania offers a variety of solutions, from the beds to the bedside tables and lighting. Perfect for a truly luxurious suite is, for example, the Caesar Train 360 US Standard King Size, a double bed with a padded headboard, or for a more romantic style, the James bed. To give a unique touch to the room, insert a mirror cabinet: the elegant and luxurious Grace proposed by Smania. Choose warm but functional lighting with the classic Marcel chandelier or more modern lighting with Jersey. Complete the furnishings with bedside tables and chests of drawers for storing personal effects, and a mirror to give brightness to the room.

Refined bars and restaurants

In a luxury hotel, the restaurant and bar must be suitable for hosting a refined and demanding public who can savour good food and drink and entertain important guests at the same time: the spaces to be created will therefore be comfortable for moments of relaxation but more secluded for private meetings. The bar counter must be important and spacious, tidy and always clean. No to plexiglass, yes to tech materials or wood.

The tables must be well separated, with or without tablecloths, depending on the style, with steel cutlery and high quality furnishings. Discover the Dean table by Smania, perfect for a luxury restaurant in its unique style, and when accompanied by the Amal chair creates a truly surprising effect.The outdoors always in top form in winter and summer

Garden, patio, porch or pool come take a place of prominence once again when the summer comes. But this is true no longer just in summer, because with the advent of new technologies and new materials, the outdoors is now being enjoyed even in winter. To make it luxurious and comfortable at the same time, it is necessary to artfully design the spaces and carefully choose the furnishings, the combination of colours and the lighting, as well as having a clear understanding of our tastes (or those of the customer).



An elegant patio to welcome guests

The patio is an outdoor space generally located at the entrance or the back of the house and often connected to it by sliding glass or a door. Especially in summer, it becomes a nothing less than an extra room, where one can spend free time relaxing with family or friends. To furnish it with taste and make it luxurious, let’s start from a premise: knowing how much space we have available. Depending on this we will dedicate a more or less extensive area to relaxation, where we will place sofas, armchairs and low tables as well as an area for enjoying food and drink, with a dining table complete with chairs.

Smania offers many solutions suitable for furnishing the outdoors: ad hoc for the patio are the Algero coffee tables, elegant and resistant at the same time, the Caprera chairs and the Figi sofas. To make our time spent in the open air really relaxing, we add the Amalfi baldachin. We embellish the environment with a Politech Vase, such as the Cachepot 2 and we’ll make it bright thanks to the elegant outdoor lighting solutions proposed by the Smania brand.

A luxury garden for every event

If we are dealing with the furnishing of a garden or a very large space, it might be useful to place outdoor benches and lanterns along the side of walkways and in the most relaxing spots (such as a waterfall or a Zen garden). If our outdoor area includes a swimming pool, we can place sunbeds or canopies on the perimeter: Smania proposes various models, depending on the environment. Remember to follow the same style as the other areas: even if they are not visible from the living area, they must be absolutely in line with the overall style.



Enjoy the outdoors even in winter with the veranda

The veranda is an excellent solution that lets you enjoy the outdoors even in winter. With fixed or retractable walls, in glass or wood, the veranda must be designed and furnished so as to be welcoming in every season. For this reason, the furniture must be suitable for withstanding summer heat and bad weather, but it should also be appropriate for a closed room in winter. There are many styles for furnishing a luxury veranda, Smania proposes a wide range of customisable furniture including chairs, dining and counter top tables, sofas, armchairs and ottomans that can are perfect for both the outdoors in summer and the indoors during the winter months.All the Smania proposals for every room in the house

A luxury interior is distinguished by its details, as well as by the quality of its furnishings: the right colours and shades, the textures, the decorative objects and the paintings, the arrangement of the furnishings in the living space can make all the difference. But, although the aesthetics of a home’s furnishings and its luxury are aspects of great importance, the functionality of the home in general and of furniture in particular plays the decisive role: luxurious but also perfect for living in. Let’s take a look at Smania’s proposals for the home’s main environments.

Living room

The living room is by definition the home environment dedicated to the family’s daytime activities and can be a complement or substitute, in the most modern homes, for the sitting room, more specifically dedicated to welcoming guests. It is therefore the room that more than any other reflects and externalises the style of the home and it has to be furnished with care. For this area, Smania offers sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chaise lounges, cabinets and low tables. Discover, for example, the Efeso bar cabinet, in wood with black top in black marquinia marble, perfect with a Beverly style sofa and a floor lamp like Wi.


Whether you choose an important bed like the Colorado Standard King Size, or the elegance of the Markus, the result will always be a refined and luxurious bedroom. If the ceiling is high you can play the card of the chandelier to illuminate the room, but the bedside lamps must diffuse a soft light: let’s make sure they are unique and particular to give a personal touch, using a lamp like Smania’s Biblo or Enya. We can add a screen and a vanity table to make the room a real jewel.




Imposing and elegant or minimal with geometric shapes and soft colours: the choice depends on the furnishing of the house and on personal taste, but the luxurious effect is assured if you choose the right furnishing components. For a study with a classic style we choose a solid wood desk like the Madison by Smania and a leather and steel chair like the Panama Low. A wall bookcase, again in wood, will give it the final touch. The darker the wood, the more impressive the effect will be. An abundance of books and a table calendar will give it the final touch.

For a modern style study, instead, we opt for a lighter bookcase and a desk with a slim support structure and squared shapes: perfect are the Jamal or the Manhattan. To accessorise the room we will choose objects with modern design, decorative objects in steel (discover those proposed by Smania) and we position the books symmetrically, not filling every shelf to capacity.


The kitchen environment is the one that most of all must reflect the home’s luxury while being at the same time functional. How to get this result? Certainly by choosing custom-made handcrafted furniture, realised with high quality materials, and equipping the kitchen with ultra-modern technologies and paying great attention to design and functional elements as well as those that are purely decorative.


The bathroom is the area of the house that should absolutely not be underestimated. Almost an actual Spa, in luxury homes it takes on fundamental importance. A hot tub and an emotional shower, a large sink and, obviously, the latest generation toilet and bidet cannot be missing. Everything has to be studied up to the smallest detail: add some plants and flowers to give colour, towels that are always coordinated and a piece of furniture to store the toiletries and personal effects. For a touch of glamour discover Smania’s vanity tables: perfect for a truly luxurious bathroom!

The plus of Smania MyMood

Smania has invented a philosophy behind the creation and choice of every piece of its furniture: with Smania MyMood, customising a luxury piece of furniture is extremely easy. In fact, Smania allows you to choose your favourite furnishing complement, among those proposed in this article and many others, and then you can customise it thanks to an infinite number of details and materials. You can decide on the fabric of a sofa or have it upholstered in leather, choose the type of wood for a table or the ceramic for a decorative object.


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