In search for luxury tables with a strong character and ductile design? We give you Dean


Smania luxury tables reign supreme in dining room interiors, where they set the style. If you are looking for a furniture piece worthy of becoming the undisputed focal point of your living area, then Dean is for you. Presented during the Salone del Mobile 2017, it is part of the Contrast collection, conceived by Alessandro La Spada. A collection whose raison d’être is harmonious material contrast. Indeed Dean is a table to be admired and caressed, a furnishing element which encourages conviviality in the most elegant and exclusive manner.

Dean is a masterful balance of three excellent materials: wood, whose eternal beauty adds class, leather, whose tactile allure confers delicacy, and lastly metal, whose reflexes illuminate the interior. Dean sets itself apart from other round luxury tables, endowed with a tactile creativity which wins you over at first glass, an inexhaustible allure your guests will truly fall in love with. Its rounded forms are well matched with the Muriel round rug, featuring a pattern echoed in the Jersey credenzas and bookshelves. The finesse of curved lines is also palpable in the Amira tub chair, of unmatchable decorative power, perfect for complementing Dean’s explosive aesthetics.

The superb design and masterful balance of materials means that Dean comes under a category of classical style tables which also embrace a more modern taste, an expression of the original personality which characterise Smania furnishings.
However, original forms and class materials are not the only aspects which render Dean sophisticated. Personalisation is also important, namely the opportunity to truly create this table in the image of your irreplaceable style. Combine reflexes and shades to create an original, unprecedented table, completely different from all other luxury dining tables. Visit the page dedicated to Dean and discover the materials you can use to personalise this Smania furnishing piece in the My Mood area. Click on each one to find out all available colours. You can further enrich the centre of the table with a Lazy Suzy rotating surface: a touch of class for an even more exclusive Dean. The rotating element draws inspiration from oriental culture which places particular importance on conviviality. Lazy Suzy ensures that all your hosts have easy access to shared dishes, for an enjoyable and carefree dining experience. All this without taking any space away from the table: the rotating surface is slightly raised so that you can make the most of the entire surface of Dean.

Your luxury dining room deserves an ultra-chic table which exudes refinement and distinguishes itself as a bold feature. This table is Dean.

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