Smania outdoor furnishing photographed in the Small Versailles of the Euganean Hills


What better setting for the new Smania outdoor furnishing collection, than an exclusive villa known as the Small Versailles? Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani is an enchanting seventeenth century abode nestled in the Euganean Hills, in Valsanzibio, Padua province.


The photo shooting by Lorenzo Pennati began today on 13th July, at this exceptionally noble venue. Smania luxury outdoor furniture will be immortalised in the evocative settings of the Veneto villa. Different sets have been designed, some scheduled for sunset, for a succession of original shots, where furnishing and location harmoniously express the uniqueness of this outdoor collection.


The sinuous lines of light structures which characterise this luxury garden furniture are matched to perfection in luxurious greenery, between sparkling gushes of water and ancient sculptures. The profound tonalities of ruby, blue and white complete the villa’s historic ranges as well as the lively colours of flowers. The play of voids and solids, with entwined seats and tables is in harmony with that of tree branches and leaves in the park. Every single shot is refined, original and nurtured down to the finest of details, exuding Smania style and thought.


Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani is the location selected for the first of two shootings, both scheduled to photograph Smania outdoor furnishings, specifically the collection presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017. Attention to detail, which distinguishes us from everyone else, also guided our meticulous selection of the villa.
Outdoor furnishings in wood, ceramics and aluminium, designed by Alessandro la Spada, are inspired by forms of nature, and nature is precisely what makes this Paduan abode so special. The park is home to over a hundred different plant and centuries-old trees, such as the American cedar, which has seen the passing of over 350 years of history since its birth. In addition to the beauty of nature, the historic value of the seventeenth century garden is just waiting to be discovered, the perfect match for the design allusions of the Smania outdoor collection. Valsanzibio is home to a rare example of symbolic garden, with seventy statues which recount themselves in verses, sixteen extraordinary fountains and a shrub labyrinth.


The villa, prestigious in virtue of its historic and cultural value and immersed in extraordinary natural surroundings, is the perfect location for immortalising Smania furnishings and accessories.

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