Smania encloses the essence of Made in Italy craftsmanship culture


Every Made in Italy object realized by human hands  is unique in its own. Smania bears this truth in mind to create luxury furniture and accessories that can be considered actual design objects.


Our products Made in Italy are the essence of handcraft culture, passion, of the most audacious beauty. From an executive office armchair to a luxury dining table, form an elegant bed to a sophisticated outdoor lamp, Smania items reflect every detail of your soul.


The high-class Made in Italy Smania furniture is characterized by the valuable materials it is made of. From the original walnut crotch to the softnabuk, from the bold black nickel to the most refined marble, every piece is a combination of elegance and master craftsmanship.


The wood is at the heart of the exclusive Smania furniture. The unique creativity of our artisans is expressed in the grains and contrasting colours of the wood.


The Quarter sawing is the woodworking that mostly represents Smania. The artisan carefully chooses the sheet of wood and divides it into four equal parts, all with a particular flaming that creates a symmetrical design.  By sewing the pieces of wood, wonderful symmetries and geometries are given life, revealing the real character of the piece of furniture.


Thanks to the crotch figure working, the refined pieces of furniture created by Smania appear remarkably precious, as works of art. The sheets of wood employed come from the section of the tree in which the same divides in branches, producing designs that recall the traits of a feather. The experienced and creative ebonist knows exactly where to cut the sheets and how to sew them perfectly, creating a symmetrical and harmonious pattern.


Smania Finishes are Wengé, a heavy and durable wood of a dark shade originating in Africa; it is hard to work.


Canaletto walnut is a dark brown wood with darker grains originating in Europe. The available finishes include: canaletto walnut frisé, polished canaletto walnut, walnut crotch and grey walnut crotch.


Rosewood is a dark and smooth wood originating in Brazil, it is easy to work. The available finishes include: opaque, polished, tobacco opaque and tobacco polished rosewood.


Grey ash is a light coloured wood with darker grains, easy to work. It can be found in Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia.


Smania is craftsmanship culture. Smania is Made in Italy





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