Style details: the precious Smania accessories for the modern interior furnishing of the Ferretti 780 yacht


If luxury is the stuff of dreams, Smania makes you dream big. It is with this thought that the company always creates exclusive, unconventional luxury furnishings, with meticulous care over all those details that define the total look of the environment, whatever it may be. This is the case with the Ferretti 780 yacht, a new model among the luxury yachts of the Ferretti company, where luxury is the order of the day thanks to the precious Smania interior accessories chosen by the famous Italian brand of luxury boats. Because, in the end, it is the details that count.


From the dining room that is combined with the kitchen, passing through the living area to the bedroom, the Smania designed accessories have embellished, with their elegant touch of class, every room and complement of the modern interior furnishing of the Ferretti 780 yacht. The black table with glass top of the dining room is highlighted with the sparkling reflections of the finish created in 24 carat gold by MILO, the low ceramic vase with rounded, sinuous shapes that recall the lines of classical architecture. MILO is also present in a set of three vases, with different sizes and lengths, used to light the corner of the living room. As in all of Ferretti’s luxury yachts, this area of the Ferretti 780 model, with minimal but, at the same time, welcoming spaces, has a decidedly modern style thanks to the ANEOMONE and IRIS ornaments. Two decorative objects, with fluid, original shapes, in which all the experience in the ancient Veneto art of glass working of Smania’s artisans is enclosed. DAFNE, on the other hand, the glass vase in the pure shape of a droplet, is perfect to bestow that extra touch of sophistication to wooden furniture.


And the kitchen? To tastefully furnish this area of the Ferretti 780 yacht, Smania inserted the indispensable accessories for the modern interior furnishing with sophisticated design. An example? The JERSEY white ceramic table mat, unmistakable with its Jersey motif from which it takes its name, created from the crossing of sinuous lines made in a gilded finish. For use as a decorative object for the table or kitchen furniture, this table mat perfectly accompanies the set of six MEDUSA glasses, highly original with decorations in fused amber. Both these objects are perfect to astound guests and give a touch of sophistication to parties or dinners with friends aboard the luxury yachts. The Smania name also appears in the bedroom with two very beautiful AMBRA vases in shades of brown. The Ferretti 780 yacht is therefore a demonstration of how any environment can acquire a strong personality and be the utmost expression of luxury, thanks to the style and care for the details that Smania also puts into the creation of accessories for the modern interior furnishing of luxury boats.

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