The magic of the night: how to sleep like a king


Comfort, relaxation and wellbeing are what we want at the end of the day. Our bed is the place we turn to when we want to satisfy these cravings. Our bodies are recharged, our minds are renewed and our creativity runs wild in fantastical dreams. Luxury beds can also be a place of refuge where we can write, read and tell our partners about our most memorable moments. We need space for all of this, of course, which is where king-sized beds come in – regal not just in size, but in finish and detailing too.


They’ve been around since the 1500s, when noblemen would use them to rest in their quarters after lavish banquets. King-sized beds are still very much in demand among those looking for comfort and elegance – they are now stylish pieces perfect for taking a luxury bedroom to the next level. While double beds are 2 metres by just over 1.6 metres, a king-sized bed is considerably wider, ranging from between 1.8 to 2 metres. The result is a majestic, imposing bed that demands a bedroom that is luxurious, spacious, bright… and regal.


Luxury beds are the kings of the bedroom, inviting us to put our thoughts to one side between dusk and dawn. Indeed, when immersed in a relaxing environment, it’s easy to let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm of a bed made up of fluid, modern lines. This sense of balance is at the very heart of PARIS, designed and manufactured by the Smania Design Department. The first Smania model to feature capitonné padding, this luxury bed is entirely handmade according to traditions dating back to the 1800s. Available in powder-coloured Nabuk leather or, for a bolder look, shiny black Ancestor, PARIS features a stunning headboard festooned with soft diamond shaping. Another of the pieces to play a stand-out role at the Milan Furniture Fair was GRAND SOHO, designed by world-famous architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, who is renowned for combining comfort and elegance with the finest materials. This luxury double bed is designed to perfectly complement the aesthetics of your home, with dark brown Cayman leather or rope-coloured Puccini fabric to choose from.


Anybody who likes to think big will be sure to find inspiration in Smania’s kaleidoscopic portfolio of collections, which include plenty of king-sized beds. The Caesar Train line features two king-sized models which provide the perfect place for you to surrender to magical imaginary adventures. Complete with a storage chest and frame available in four types of metal (steel, burnished, nickel and black nickel), the spacious CAESAR TRAIN 215 guarantees relaxation and comfort. This king-sized bed is available in a range of different materials, from Africa leather to the Sevilla fabric, just as the colour of the metal frame around the headboard can be adjusted to suit your taste. The clean lines of the padding add to the delicate yet characterful feel of this piece, which is sure to be a hit with anyone who chooses it.


Your luxury bed awaits: it’s finally time to close those eyes and enjoy being the king of your dreams!

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