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Moscow, Shanghai, Milan: these three metropolis are not just in different corners of the world; they are also worlds apart in terms of mentality and culture. And yet, they share a strong attraction for all that is beautiful. Here, lovers of high class design and furnishings will be able to visit the Shanghai furniture fair and Russia’s’ Crocus from the coming Autumn until spring 2019.


Smania stars at these events with a charming offering that best expresses its natural affinity for exclusive, refined design. An icon of all-Italian luxury, Smania has always believed that the secret to Italy’s artistic success is its people’s ability to generate intuitive ideas. Even more than quality materials and craftsmanship or a meticulous attention to detail, it is Italy’s eye for beauty that really sets it apart. An approach to life shared by the luxury of a Renaissance residence, the poetical aesthetics of a film by Sorrentino, and the bouquet of a Chianti wine. And of course, the unparalleled creativity of Smania’s offering to the world.


Th forthcoming shows, first in Shanghai, then in Moscow and finally in Milan, offer the opportunity not only to display products, but also to inspire visitors. In every city, Smania recreates a pulsating space that welcomes and engages those who cross its threshold.


At Moscow’s Crocus, held from 10 to 13 October (Hall 08 D15), the Italian company will exhibit a selection of its high class furnishings in spaces that recreate and evoke the sophisticated mood of a luxurious office starring a LOCK in grey leather upholstery, enhanced by the colour contrast of the compartment in deep grained rosewood. In another part of the stand, featuring a sleeping area marked by great comfort and elegance, the sumptuously enveloping GRAND SOHO bed is framed by the aesthetic and material balance of the GALLIANO  console table, which in turn is counterbalanced, on the opposite wall, by the austere yet vibrant personality of the CONTINENTAL chest of drawers in wenge and black steel.


The sleeping area will also be showcased in November at the Salone del Mobile held in Shanghai (Hall West WS31 No. 1 ,Second Floor), where visitors will be won over by the majestic delicacy of the paddings of the PARIS and CAESAR beds. Ample space will also be dedicated to the living area, with rosewood and burnished steel blending together for the large PAUL table, which dominates the room while maintaining an intrinsic lightness of design. Particularly striking is the top in Calacatta marble of the sinuously round DEAN table, which combines three different materials – marble, steel and leather – to grant a unique touch to any room.


Finally, at the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Smania will present a striking new project designed to enrich a new area of the house with the company’s high class furnishings.

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