Plays of light: elegant lighting for luxury furnishings


Want to shine? Make space for interior lighting!


Light regenerates the spirit, the body and the spaces that surround us. It dissipates stress, promotes a good mood and favours relaxation. After an intense day at work, there’s nothing better than opening the door, turning on the light and immediately feeling at home.


So it is important to have light sources in every area of the living zone that meet the different requirements combined with the unmistakable aesthetic taste of luxury furnishings. Lamps take centre stage in this arena and are among the most suitable furnishing accessories to revolutionise your recreational area.


For a dynamic space, let yourself be inspired by a single light point ready to stand out for its seductive brilliance. An excellent solution for this effect is the ENYA lighting product designed by Smania: an elegant ceramic table lamp that can ensure a distinctive light with sophistication, taste and originality.


Here’s a quick tip for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere: favour soft glows, reflecting the wish, once home, to unwind.


Smania has found ways to precisely meet the needs of those who seek comfort without giving up the unique style of luxury furnishing. Among the innovative offerings at the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan, Smania presented a collection of lamps by Alessandro La Spada: MARCEL – a chandelier with branches in glass and brushed polished steel, made up of series of elements in which different materials are combined – and MAILA, a perfect pendant lamp for a luxury bedroom, in which it is possible to place other bright furnishing accessories.


Among the many proposals, the best light always remains the one enjoyed at the time of well-deserved relaxation: turn off the brain and turn on the light that is inside and outside you!

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