Christmas with Smania furnishing accessories on your table


Christmas will soon be upon us and during festivities there is one home interior which reigns supreme: the dining room. This is where we all celebrate seated round the table, as we are served dish after dish. The star furniture piece of this room becomes a “table” so that you can fill your exclusive Christmas with colour, laden with accessories which reflect your personality and taste.

Decorating the table during festivities is all about selecting objects which bring atmosphere to life in an array of reflections, and which exude warmth and hospitality. Accessories for the kitchen and table can be used to match a special mood, identified by the combination of two or three typically festive colours, chosen according to your preferences. You can play with more traditional ones such as red, gold, green, blue and silver, or match them with neutral tonalities such as white, grey or beige.

An example can be seen in the ceramic Talia trays with a sheen finishing containing 24 kt gold. The freedom to select the colour of finishings means that you can create these luxury accessories in pearl tonality and match them with two colours: white and blue. They are perfect matched with a dark blue table cloth, decorated with white-painted pine cones and illuminated by glitter.

Candles are another must for any Christmas table: choose the Bastet candle holder, also ceramic with sheen finishing. The platinum tonality is perfect matched with red candles: an original combination if you choose to decorate the table in silver and red.

If you choose to combine gold and green with grey, you could select a mat with a bronze colour sheen finishing which evokes warm gold tonalities, matched with grey leather table place sets and a leather place marker which you can personalise with your favourite cover. The rest of the table can be adorned by fir or clover branches to complete the selected mood.

Lastly, you can combine the warm nuances of bronze with celestial white. The white tray Margela is perfect in this case, with a bronze colour sheen finishing, perfect for serving your Christmas pudding. Lastly, you can match the Jersey table mats, also in white and bronze: this colour for finishing accessories and decorative plates is perfect for warming winter up.

The precious reflections of the sheen finishing distinguish Smania products for the table, perfect for festivities, not least because they can be customised to best suit your mood. By selecting one colour instead of another you can confer the style you want upon Christmas: classical or modern, but always chic.

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