Cloe, Paris and Lock: elegant new furniture unveiled at Saloni Shanghai 2017


Smania’s exclusive display areas at the Saloni Shanghai 2017 were home to three elegant new furniture products from the brand, which has bolstered the Contrast collection unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair last April.

Paris is a complete new arrival. The latest bed by Smania is also the first-ever to feature capitonné detailing. This unique upholstery technique, whose origins date back to the 1800s, is created by hand by artisans drawing on all of their extensive experience to finish the leather to impeccable standards.
The elegance of the Paris bed is ensured by the precision with which the capitonné has been executed. The diamond-pattern decoration – which features a button at each point – lends a timeless charm to the modern, fluid lines of the headboard, which help to soften the austere, British feel of the traditional capitonné.

New to the living room is the Cloe sofa, characterised by its sophisticated, inviting shaping. Horizontal lines adorn the backrest and the external part of the armrests, where they are met by diagonal angles which bring a sense of dynamism to the front of the sofa, resulting in a sophisticated geometrical contrast. In addition to its compact size and bold personality, Cloe is blessed with extreme softness, ensuring a truly relaxing experience.

In the dining room, we encounter Lock, the rectangular table from the same collection, which was unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair 2017 and has been refreshed courtesy of the splendid elegance of the new Silver Wave marble top. This material, which is seeing its first use for a large surface, brings prestige to the Lock table and gives it both a classic and modern feel all at once. The timeless sophistication of the shiny marble is offset by the contemporary brilliance of steel, creating an original sense of contrast. That said, the brightness of both materials works perfectly with the velvety effect of the leather.

All of the new products come with customisable materials and finishes, as with the vast majority of products by Smania thanks to the myMood project. Paris, for example, can be finished in a different colour of leather in order to make it fit your space, while Cloe can be given a radical transformation with a vibrant colour, depending on your personal style. And last but certainly not least, Lock can be finished with different types of marble, metal and leather, ensuring it can take centre stage in any dining room.

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