Furnish a seaside home with the sophistication of Smania furniture


In a seaside home, the windows are expanses of rich blue and azure: waves and sky are the central features of the landscape. Inside, warm sunlight alternates with the intense freshness of the night in a dance seconded only by the pleasurable hints of relaxation.
To furnish a seaside home, let yourself be pervaded by that sensation of wellbeing typical of holidays and choose the furniture and accessories by thinking of the space as a refuge to be made eclectic, elegant and rich. Sophistication must be the leitmotiv of the elements chosen for their affinity with the sea, their personality and their functionality.

The perfect colours for the seaside home are those of the marine environment: blue and all its shades will take centre stage, along with beige in all those hues that recall grains of sand. An important role is played by white, perfect for amplifying the summer light.

For the interiors of seaside homes, the Iride low coffee table is perfect: The Azul Macaubas marble floor recalls the mother-of-pearl reflections of the shells. The living room can be completed with the Miami armchairs and sofas, covered in white Vamp fabric, bright and fresh and perfect for summer. The same colour can be reiterated in the Jersey dresser, which can also be in powder or beige lacquer.

The dining room is worth special attention: you will invite friends to dinner here, and evenings will turn to nights in an exclusive ambience of conviviality. The Lock table can be part of the furnishing of the luxury seaside home; very sizeable, it can be made from the same blue marble as the living room or with beige or powder lacquer. The perfect chairs are Amal, the fabrics of which can be varied: based on the materials chosen for the table, you can select a solid colour or choose the texture of Snake – in Blue and Mint versions – which recalls the sophisticated tail of a mermaid. The Acqua colour of the Bellini fabric should be considered, given that it can produce golden or blue highlights depending on the viewer’s perspective.

For the bedrooms, these are the ideas for furnishing the seaside home: the bedhead and the frame of the Continental bed can be covered in blue or azure fabrics such as Vivaldi –in the Ocean and Teal colours respectively. Or you could choose Space in Mint colour, which recalls the waves of the sea. To complete the room, the Botticelli bedside tables and chest of drawers are perfect: capable of bestowing light on the space and displaying their chick nature.

And finally, for the exterior furniture of the seaside home, we recommend the Amalfi sofa and armchair: sophisticated, bright and ultra-comfortable. Combined with Alghero coffee table, these articles of furniture are displayed in the neutral hues of summer, those colours that bring to mind afternoons with the scent of salt spray and the sound of cicadas.

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