Sophisticated materials for exterior and garden furniture: the polyester braid


The search for exquisite taste in exterior and garden furniture originates in the choice of furniture created with quality materials, masterfully combined with the most sophisticated design. This is the case with the armchairs and sofas of the new Smania outdoor collection, where the simplicity of polyester braid creates an exclusive and evocative weave.

Elegance takes form when sophistication and manual skill – it should be said – are interwoven. Starting with a sophisticated weave, Smania’s craftsmen intertwine the polyester braid with refinement and impeccable skill to create the seats and backs of the Delos chairs, the Samos sofas and armchairs, the Hydra armchair and the Evia chaise longue.

These articles of exterior and garden furniture display two opposing styles yet here they coexist harmoniously: the classic and the modern. The credit is due entirely to the polyester braid: the weave recalls the famous Vienna straw, a traditional texture revisited in a contemporary light. The pattern is different and so is the material: the weave is therefore unusual and sophisticated, the perfect open-air look.
Vienna straw was developed in the 19th century thanks to the Austro-Hungarian cabinet-maker Michael Thonet who wove rattan bark to upholster seats in curved beech, known as bentwood. An important figure in the fortunes of this craftsman was Prince Metternich, who invited him to Vienna to create the furniture for the Daum café. It was the start of a story of conquests and revisitations that have made this iconic pattern increasingly famous.

The garden and exterior furniture made with the special weave invented by Smania is chic. The empty space left in the weave is its distinctive signature because it makes it possible for the external environment to express itself in all its beauty. The outdoor details are seen through the furniture, offering fragments of nature and panoramas.
Sunlight also plays a fundamental role because it gives the braid chiaroscuro highlights depending on the direction of the weave. The shade created by the weave is also evocative: a touch of originality that enriches every outdoor setting.
The polyester braid is available in three different versions: night blue, ice white and Carob red. Three colours that give the weave three different personalities, which can all be combined with different Smania fabrics with neutral colours, perfect for covering upholstery and cushions.
Let yourself be inspired by this unrivalled weave and choose the furniture for your exclusive outdoor setting from article made with polyester braid.

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