Luxury beds among the most popular Smania products: Caesar Train


Luxury beds are a soft extension of the intimate space of the bedroom, offering relaxation at every point of their surfaces and comfortable elegance. Caesar Train is exactly that: three virtues that make this bed the most popular among Smania clients.

The tailor-made bedhead attracts the gaze from the first moment and makes it stand apart from other luxury double beds. The upholstery evokes moments of relaxation that go beyond the main function of every bed. This article of furniture is increasingly the centrepiece of the bedroom: it is a refuge for reading or an alternative, comfortable space to be used for the portable computer. In this way, the soft bedhead is an invitation, an elegant play of geometry set in a bright metal frame.

The style of Caesar Train is polyhedral. This bed is perfect in modern luxury bedrooms with a touch of the classic style. It perfectly suits both contemporary and more traditional furnishings. The Botticelli bedside tables, for example, combined with the curved lateral lines of the storage bed, create a delicate harmony. The Lock furniture is also perfect, enclosing lacquered, rounded shapes with leather-covered soft corners. This latter combination gives the bedroom an unconventional sophistication that speaks of exclusivity.

Caesar Train is available in four versions that differ in the width of the bedhead (3.6 metres and 2.15 meters and the size of the mattress (180×200 cm and 193×203 cm). All the different versions have various optional extras: the mattress, the lifting mechanism – to make good use of the storage space inside – and, for the beds with wider headboards, the option of inserting a pair of holes to house a electricity junction box.
In this way, you can have the bed that is most suitable for your needs but there’s even more you can do to personalise Caesar Train. The covering of the bedhead and storage space can be changed with a choice of more than thirty fabrics and more than ten types of leather, many available in a range of colours. Finally, you can choose a different metal, changing the hues and highlights of the frame of the bedhead.
Smania gives you a special option: to create your own original and unique Caesar Train, different from all other upholstered luxury beds. Visit the dedicated pages to discover all the materials available and start to image your unrivalled bed.

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