Jersey - cod. CPJERSEY01 - CPJERSEY02 - CPJERSEY03

Size: width 43 cm, height 120 cm, depth 43 cm

Size: width 43 cm, height 90 cm, depth 43 cm

Size: width 43 cm, height 60 cm, depth 43 cm

Ceramic vase with glossy finish.

Jersey vases distinguish for their bright elegance provided by the ceramic with glossy finish that embellishes both the vase and the room. In addition, the glossy finish contains a part of 24 karats gold that creates precious reflections and enlightens the room, whether it is a refined living room, a luxury bedroom o an elegant office. In such case, the vase combines with classic furnishing that also contemplates modern style.

Jersey is pure decoration, thanks to the homonymous pattern characterised by crossing sinuous lines, particularly. The surface with Jersey pattern is precisely the part you can decide to customise: the glossy finish is available in three different colours in order to match with your exclusive style.

Jersey stands out among luxury accessories for the pattern: its design amplifies its decorative power.

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