The new Salone del Mobile 2017 catalogue


Smania handmade culture is once again perceived in our Salone del Mobile 2017 Catalogue with the Contrast Collection, designed by Alessandro La Spada and presented during Milan Exhibition. Refined essences and carefully chosen materials see a new light, thanks to the brand undiminished care and competence.


Handmade culture is expressed through the attention paid to details, tangible proofs of a well-thought and established quality. The result is a piece of furniture characterized by a daring beauty that conveys an unlimited passion and a competence gained over time. Furniture and furnishing of this collection are characterized by a play on perspectives that subverts the way materials are conventionally used.


A refined wooden soul reveals the leather, expressed in all its exclusive softness. This contrast, conceived by La Spada, is enriched by Oriental motif thanks to fluid lines texture and evocative colors that catches the eye.


Download the Salone del Mobile 2017 Catalogue  and discover the products presented during Milan Exhibition Salone del Mobile 2017. While looking at the Catalog pages let yourself be inspired by the exclusive pieces of furniture of the Contrast Collection and the new Outdoor line products.


LOCK DINING. Smooth, luxury shapes and oriental motif fabrics characterize the living area, thus revealing all its beauty. Smania handcrafting culture represented by every detail, disclosed by an elegant precision, created with dedication.


DEAN DINING. Smania creativity is revealed thanks to a perspective paly that subverts the way materials are conventionally used. Wood becomes an internal component, while the external one is a leather surface. Thanks to this an unusual perception the space acquire a new and elegant quality.


LIVING. A soft, tempting-shaped sofa is pure relax that supports and envelopes. Smania living room is characterized by magnetic colors and trimmed leathers, whose geometrical lines are those typical of Jersey motif.


BEDROOM. Peculiar and sinuous shapes create a perfect equilibrium of perspectives that gives a bed a velvet sensation. Leather, fabric and wood, in fact, are masterfully alternated, subverting usual proportions and diffusing an exclusive sophistication.


THE OFFICE. A Smania office conveys warm elegance, that combines both classic and modern styles. This can be perceived through a light and dark juxtaposition between leathers and wood grains, which characterizes a fluid, timeless layout.


OUTDOOR. Smania outdoor embodies the pure nature allure thanks to light lines and vibrant colors. The contrast between fullness and emptiness, the equilibrium between materials and slender structures characterize these exclusive pieces of furniture, conceived for dehors with a chic soul.

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