Smania Nest, the new collection


Smania has once again risen to the challenge of expanding its range of furniture with Smania Nest, an entirely new collection that embraces a new area in the home and that, historically, the company has always offered.


This means that, at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan, Smania will present a complete series of products united by a common vision and style: the most classic of the modern and the most modern of the classic, a fascinating and integrated project that, at the same time, fits perfectly within the larger Smania family.


The collection is called Nest and it is full of original and spacial inspirations, making it eclectic and ambitious. The name “nest” was chosen because the series’ intention is to convey, through its sophisticated atmospheres, the idea of a luxurious hideaway, a welcoming and comfortable refuge, an elegant and peaceful corner in which to relax and dream of exotic and suggestive landscapes, accompanied by the pleasant sensation of being immersed in nature.


One of the primary traits of Smania Nest is its strong and exclusive quality, animated by numerous contrasts. The design is rich in characteristic details, both elegant and valuable, which call attention to themselves and give the products great personality. At the same time, a fascinating compositional equilibrium exists, the various elements of which connect with one another in a minimalist way: a formal purity that demonstrates, primarily at the structural level, a modern approach based on simplicity.


Carefully selected and crafted by expert artisans with skills that have been passed down over generations, the materials used in the collection once again reconfirm one of the appropriately eloquent roles of interior design. In particular, all of products will feature wood, turned and milled in such a way as to exalt its unique aesthetics and tactile characteristics. Meanwhile metal, fabric, velvet, and crystal will create drama, large surfaces of great decorative impact, and textures borrowed from nature.


Inspired by two of Smania historic collections, Magnolia and Traditional, both dedicated to the veranda, Nest promises to be an even more versatile collection. The new products have been designed to fit into numerous contexts, bolstered by a concept capable of fully expressing itself in both closed environments and semi-open ones, like verandas and winter gardens. From apartments to countryside villas, Smania Nest creates elegant and daring moods, rich in limitless allure.

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