How to furnish a luxury home: everything you need to know


Tailor made pieces, attention to details, quality of materials, and a touch of whimsy: furnishing a luxury home is a creative challenge that an interior designer must know how to handle.



What distinguishes a luxury home from a normal one is, above all, attention to detail. Interior designers are well aware of this and, therefore, realise how important it is to be familiar with the latest trends and styles in furniture and decorative accessories.

A luxury interior sets itself apart not only in the quality of the furniture, but also in the details: the right colours and shades, the textures, the ornaments and paintings, and the arrangement of the furniture within the space can all make the difference. However, while the aesthetic nature of the décor and luxury are incredibly important aspects, the functionality of the home in general, and of the furniture in particular, plays the pivotal role: luxurious yet also liveable.

High quality materials and artisan craftsmanship ensure both aspects. Luxury is a concept that is redefined and reinterpreted newly each time by the architect and interior designer according to the demands and personal tastes of the client, the location of the home, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, while each environment must have its own style, it is good to follow general guidelines for each room being decorated. This, therefore, is how to furnish a luxury home, room by room.

Furnishing a luxury foyer: a striking first impression

If the home for which you are creating an interior design has a foyer, that small entrance space which is disappearing in modern homes, the question arises: how does one furnish it with originality, while at the same time making sure that it is functional?

Created for practical needs as well as for welcoming visitors, the foyer is often seen as a space in which to place objects that undermine the elegance and luxury of an environment. However, a well-groomed foyer, decorated with the right accessories, is fundamental to the first impression that one has of a home.

So rather than a coat rack or umbrella stand, instead leave room for a print or a painting. Depending on the space, a light source can also be positioned in the foyer: a table lamp is perfect, placed on a low table, or a long-stemmed floor lamp. Remember to maintain a degree of symmetry in a luxury foyer so as to avoid the impression of disorder in the home’s entrance.


The living room: lavish furniture and luxurious textures

The word “luxury” means something slightly different to each of us. It can be synonymous with expensive, unique, or extremely high quality. In truth, the concept of luxury encompasses many different elements, but it absolutely must include high quality products and an extreme personalisation that is based on functional study and one-of-a-kind comfort.

The living room is, by definition, the room dedicated to a family’s daily life and can be an accessory to or replace, in more modern homes, the drawing room, which is more specifically dedicated to entertaining guests. It is therefore the room that, more than any other, reflects and embodies the style of the residence, and so must be furnished with care. When furnishing a luxury home, the living room is the most important space to pay attention to.

A living room must respond to various needs depending on its layout. One must come up with different solutions that take into account whether it is an open space with the kitchen in view, a dining room as well, or just a drawing room. The size of the room makes a big difference in terms of the choice of colours and materials, details and accessories, lighting, and furniture design.

The heart of the living room

Light and delicate shades, total white, dark grey or black, wood: whatever colour has been chosen for the living room, the couch is the fundamental element. Depending on the size of the room, it is used to create space or to give the environment a welcoming quality. The luxuriousness of a space’s interior design is not proportional to the grandeur of its furniture. Quite the contrary. A large and well-lit living room could be enhanced by furniture in neutral tones and with a minimalist style, as well as by details and accessories that create movement. The same way as a smaller space can be made to seem larger through the use of more sinuous shapes.

The heart of an elegant living room is made up of the classic arrangement of sofa, armchairs, and perhaps ottomans or coffee tables. Neutral shades are recommended for the texture or leather of the sofa and armchairs in situations where the dominant colour is wood or the floor is dark. One can risk a shade of blue if the walls and additional accessories maintain a tonality of total white.



Regardless, the key word is comfort: luxury does not exclude, but rather must accentuate, the feeling of comfort when one sits down. The coffee table is also an important element: simple and linear, with a minimalist style or decorated and inlaid for more classic environments. The use of valuable materials in the ornamental details gives it that extra touch: leather, precious fabrics, glass, and natural stone used sparingly create polychromatic effects and plays of light that can make all the difference.


Space for the TV and bar

One might think that a TV ruins the clean and luxurious look of a classic living room or that it makes a modern living room look common. But thanks to TV cabinets with elegant finishes, the space dedicated to this home appliance can actually add to the overall look of the room. It all depends on choosing the right material to accompany the style and colours of the living room. If the leit motiv is a modern style, a TV cabinet in a wenge grain and with a geometric shape could be perfect. For a more classic living room, however, a more elaborate piece would be preferable.

Space permitting, one can incorporate a bar, which adds a unique touch of elegance to a living room, for instance a bar cabinet with a tray of crystal glassware placed on top.

A luxurious dining room

Round or rectangular, with unique inlaid legs or regularly shaped ones: dining tables are the fulcrum of a luxurious dining room. Depending on what coordinates best with the pre-chosen style of the living room, on can then select the lighting and accessories, like chairs and table ornaments (candle holders, vases, etc.).



chandelier is the right choice if the ceiling is high enough. The lighting can then be enhanced with sconces and wall spotlights. The golden rule for the table is to not overdo it: just a few, well-positioned decorative objects like elegant candle holders or fake tableware bring a touch of life to the room. If you are going for a completely original look you can opt for one-of-a-kind chairs, even each one different from the another.

The kitchen: how to make it functional, yet luxurious

The kitchen, more than any other room, must be luxurious while at the same time remaining functional. How does one obtain this result? By selecting custom designed cabinetry built by artisan craftsmen, made from high quality materials, and equipping the kitchen with ultra-modern technology while also paying close attention to the functional and designer details as well as to those that are purely decorative. There are many different styles to choose from, but they are all part of two macro-categories: modern and classic.

Modern luxury kitchen

Attention to detail, elegance, and simplicity: these are the key words that turn a modern kitchen into a luxurious space. Simple and harmonious lines, yet embellished with high quality materials and durable cabinetry, combined with sophisticated accessories like designer vases and soap dishes, the whole thing garnished with technological and futuristic details and geometric chairs in plastic or leather.

Classic luxury kitchen

Meanwhile, in a classic kitchen it is not necessary to exclude technology, despite the fact that the aesthetic theme is traditional shapes and cabinetry. In fact, luxury is hidden even in retro-style furnishings which, however, must not be over-burdened by too many objects. Yes to marble and wood, especially if the space is large, otherwise one risks weighing down the final look. In this case one can add a touch of elegance by using chairs with upholstered seat and backrest or, depending on the style, made from wood.

Furnishing a luxury home: the bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the room in the house that is most easily personalised. In a luxury home, where there is no shortage of space, it is even easier to be inspired by lots of ideas. The latest trend, for example, is that the bedroom have an open walk-in closet, which thus becomes a decorative accessory in every respect.



Another trend is that of a jacuzzi tub visible to the bedroom, perhaps raised by several steps and separated by a sliding pocket door.

But let’s focus on the fulcrum of the bedroom: the bed, armoir, and bedside tables. In a luxury bedroom the bed absolutely must have a headboard, which can be over-sized or the same width as the bed itself. Warm and relaxing shades are a must for restful sleep, as well as for infusing the space with elegance and luxury. Soft pillows and a quilted throw blanket are essential elements.



If the ceiling is high one can risk a chandelier for lighting the room, but the bedside lamps must provide soft light. Choose unique and original lamps to add a personal touch. If one likes, a rug can also be added, positioning it ⅓ under the bed and ⅔ symmetrically out from under the bed. Add a shoji screen and a vanity to turn the room into a true gem.

A unique and elegant study

Stately and elegant or minimal with geometric shapes and soft colours: the choice depends on the style of the home and on personal taste, but a luxurious look is ensured if one chooses the right furnishings. For a classic study we choose a solid wood desk with a leather and wood chair. A wall bookcase, also in wood, provides the final touch. The darker the shade of wood, the more stately the overall look. Many books and a desk calender provide the finishing touch.

For a modern studio, on the other hand, we choose a light coloured bookcase and a slender desk with simple square lines. To accessorize the room we choose objects with a modern design, steel ornamental decorations, and position the books symmetrically, careful not to fill any of the shelves entirely.

The study is completed with the skilful illumination of a floor lamp, paired with the more direct lighting of a desk lamp: classic colours and yellow light in the first case, white or steel and cold light in the second.

Decorations and art: an additional touch

A respectable luxury home cannot exclude careful study of the placement of artistic decorations. Prints and paintings must be skilfully positioned in every room, from the living room and bedroom, all the way to the kitchen. Oversize paintings, or better yet triptychs, hung in the living room and bedroom provide the residence with a very sophisticated look. A modern home can be enlivened by brightly coloured prints, in strong contrast with the neutral shades of the furniture. Meanwhile, in a classic luxury home famous prints and reproductions are appropriate.

Mirrors also play an important role in interior design. We saw how to position one in the foyer, but if we include a vanity in the bedroom, then this will have an elaborate and sophisticated mirror, just like in a fairytale. Mirrors help to create plays of light and reflections. They help to illuminate a room and must be carefully placed according to the position of the windows and walls.

Do you have limited space? Here are some excellent solutions.

Who says that a smaller space can’t be luxurious? Furnishing a luxury apartment means finding creative solutions with which to balance the elegance and functionality of every single piece of furniture, shrewdly using lighting and shapes to create the impression of space.

Here are some suggestions for the interior design of an apartment:

  • Arranging the furniture to create distinct areas for eating, sleeping, and living, also through the use of shoji screens
  • Painting the walls with bright colours
  • Using sliding mirror doors. They reflect natural light and refract it throughout the space, making it seem larger.
  • Don’t overdo it with too many ornaments or decorations, but rather carefully select just a few designer pieces.
  • Decorate and personalize the space with paintings, graphic art, and floral compositions without over-burdening it.



After which we can choose subtle tones, light coloured wood floors in the style of luxury hotel rooms. Remember, however to personalise the space with details like paintings and prints, creative lamps, and mirrors, otherwise it will be a boring and lifeless environment. Yes to artificial plants for a touch of green, and to hanging lighting fixtures with extroverted shapes to capture the attention. Leave space to the imagination for all that regards concealed surfaces, built in bookcases, and folding doors so as to recover precious space and create an airy feeling in the studio loft.

Outdoor space can be luxurious as well

The patio is an area outside of the home that can be located either near the entrance or in the back. It is a fundamental component of the home, which must be decorated with just as much care as the interior. In fact, it is a place where one spends time in the summer and even in the winter if equipped with fireplace and stove; a place for relaxing and spending time together which must convey elegance as well as comfort. Here are some ideas for how to furnish a luxury patio.

As always, the size of the patio is the starting point. Depending on the surface area and on the shape, one can choose to arrange several sofas and armchairs around a small table or even to add a canopy for moments of relaxation.

An area should be dedicated to outdoor lunches and dinners, with particular attention paid to the lighting. If one chooses modern lamps with a metal stem, a model with a dimmer provides the flexibility to regulate the lighting from a daytime light to a softer glow. The area can be further lit by scented candles, using versions with citronella and other substances which keep annoying night time insects away.

Here are some ideas for how to turn a patio and garden into a paradise on Earth:

  • Building a small oasis using smooth stones and running water, surrounded by flourishing plants will bring a touch of paradise to the garden
  • Add a brick barbecue, with wrought iron utensils
  • Play with the pairing of colours for the sofa and armchair cushions, using shades which recall the interior furnishings
  • Create a night sky effect by putting small lights on the pergola and decorate the trees with small hanging candle holders


A well-structured design that takes into account the living spaces and arrangement of the rooms will help you to choose the right furniture and décor to make a home “luxurious”. The quality and craftsmanship of the products remain a fundamental starting point for then choosing the style according to individual tastes and expectations: entrust your project to luxury interior design professionals.



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