Portraits of Style, the new Smania catalogs Collection


Smania – the most modern of the classics, the most classic among moderns – is pleased to present Portraits of Style, the new catalogs Collection where the luxury home is the absolute protagonist.


The furnishings and accessories presented with Portraits of Style, conceived according to the distinctive elements of Smania – that is, traditional craftsmanship, strong attention to detail and cohesion of classic and modern styles – are told through a bewitching journey, undertaken in the city among the most evocative in the world: from Milan to Shanghai, from Paris to Hong Kong.


Cities geographically and culturally so distant yet so close, all aimed at the search for Beauty and for how much it expresses elegance and exclusivity: Smania knows how to grasp – of each one of them – its distinctive features, how to place its luxury among the lines of its furnishings and how to express its exclusive atmosphere of elegance.
Four moods are proposed, four catalogs presented to make your home an authentic total living:


BEDROOM. The environment more than any other dedicated to relax, comfort and well-being. The Smania furnishings make at the same time the sleeping area comfortable and refined: here the luxury bed is the absolute protagonist.


DINING ROOM. In this space created for conviviality Smania tables dictate the style. Thanks then to furnishing accessories you can best express your personality and your taste, making the dining room as unique and special as ever.


OFFICE. It is absolute elegance that shines from the Smania office, with attention to the smallest details, for an incomparable total look. This surrounding of classy furnishings and accessories, even in a work environment, spreads a conciliatory atmosphere for excellent professional synergies.


LIVING ROOM. Whether it is to welcome guests or spend pleasant moments with your family, the living area becomes a symposium in its informal elegance, in its Classic and Modern sewing: everything necessary to furnish a luxury living room.



Thanks to Smania MyMood you can also characterize each space according to your taste, selecting materials and colors, thus making each piece of furniture exclusively yours.


Browse the catalog of each room and be inspired by the classic and modern furnishings by Smania.



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