Smania draws inspiration from the finest Venetian Gold for its luxury furnishings


Taking inspiration from the pomp and splendour of Venice for its Oro Veneziano furnishings, Smania pays tribute to the sophisticated, cultured, elitist style of the city’s historic palaces, once home to refined business meetings, literary circles and uninhibited Carnival merrymaking.


Smania brings these evocative atmospheres back to life with a combination of furnishings designed to welcome visitors into an environment embellished by precious fabrics and accessories. Brilliantly resplendent, gold forms the leitmotif of a harmonious, austere style, adding a radiant touch of natural nobility.


The sofa and armchairs in the Caesar line, presented in shades of grey, mark out an area of cosy comfort: gently rounded lines and soft padding encourage supreme relaxation, while a dual finish grants a dynamic textural allure.


The Los Angeles coffee table epitomises Smania’s view of modern day luxury furniture. The meticulous combination of metal and leather reveals a painstaking attention to detail, enhancing the living room with the purest symmetry and craftsmanship. The Silver Wave marble top, resting on a layer of polished steel, creates a sumptuous natural fresco, while the frame, covered in grey Savana-textured leather, boasts an ancestral appeal. For the console table, Smania once again embraces the Los Angeles aesthetic, this time in a darker wood. Pleasantly soft to the touch, the Denver sheepskin carpet, with its reverberating shades of grey, acts as a scenic backdrop for the entire setting.


As for the details, gold reigns supreme, enriching every element with a noble golden sheen. From the Malva glass vase, with its mottled radiance, to the Ares and Bubble pairs of polished ceramic vases and the Melissa and Amber glass vases, the setting is endowed with a dash of refined creativity that lights up the entire room.

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