Salone del Mobile 2018: previewing the new Smania tagline


What makes Raphael the artist we all know and love? What is it that stirs us in an opera by Gioacchino Rossini? What makes an Armani suit so special? These are very different questions, covering the very different disciplines of art, music and fashion. However, the answer to each reveals a clear common denominator: style.


Style defines the way we express ourselves, our language, our sense of aesthetics and values. This is true of an artist, an ordinary person or a company. Style is both form and content. It is the very manifestation of liberty, of our freedom to choose what to do and how, to take a stand and defend our position with courage. Not because it’s the right one in absolute terms, but because it it the one that best represents an identity: our own.


It is the one thing no one can take away from us, because it epitomises who we are, our story, our desires and ambitions. It belongs to ourselves, exclusively, and sets us apart from everyone else. Our identity reverberates in every area of life, in every major or minor decision, in the way we look at things, in the way we interpret our world, the surroundings we choose to inhabit.


Every ornament, every furnishing, every item of furniture we choose reflects our style. Smania’s mission is to give shape to dreams through the pure joy and pleasure of creating something unique; through craftsmanship rooted in art and passion, in doing and daring. The aim is onefold: to achieve perfection. Not in formal terms, following the dictates of fashion, but in an intimate sense, following our true identity.


Craftsmanship, style and identity: the three core elements of the Smania tagline for Salone del Mobile 2018.


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