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Smania will once again feature in Hall 3 of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, dedicated to timeless luxury, with a brand new and extensive range of elegantly refined solutions expressing the very best in the company’s craftsmanship. The large stand features the perfect blend of modern and classic, resulting in a luxurious, exclusive and unconventional space, in true Smania style.


On the walls, the colour blue alternates with transparent textures and ornamental decorations, creating a distinctive, sophisticated ambiance. The extraordinary combination of stunningly bold furniture gives shape to ideas and projects epitomising the company’s inherent craftsmanship, in the continuous pursuit of research and experimentation.


What’s new by Massimo Iosa Ghini


Smania continues its pursuit of new styles, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers and architects who espouse and express the company’s philosophy. Thus, ideas are transformed into products that can be mixed and matched to offer ever new yet always unique lifestyle experiences brimming with significance.


This year, renowned architect Massimo Iosa Ghini promotes Smania’s corporate culture with a brand new set of refined, contemporary furnishings marked by the use of fine materials and a meticulous attention to finishes and details. Massimo Iosa Ghini’s comprehensive collection echoes Smania’s fundamental passion and dedication – a new ode to tradition with a contemporary twist.


The result is an interesting new style with a definite identity, reflected in four main products that introduce a new chapter in the kaleidoscopic portfolio of Smania collections:

BELMOND, a modular leather and fabric sofa with large movable cushions; the original EMBASSY armchair, whose dynamic and enveloping structure is fully upholstered and features arched armrests; GRAND SOHO, a double bed with a padded leather headboard, for day-to-day comfort with a soft, enveloping design; and finally, DALTON, a padded ottoman whose clean, rounded lines match the Grand Soho bed.


New products


Neutral, enveloping colours alternate with shades of blue in a dreamlike journey across several settings: the Smania total look, from the bedroom through to the living room, dining room and office, in which every detail is studied to form a harmonious whole. Here, passion for beauty, quality craftsmanship and aesthetic research become manifest in a wide range of new products.


GATSBY is a bold, enveloping chair with an open backrest that plays with full and empty spaces to express its personality. Alternating squared and rounded lines endow the seat with a minimalist appeal.

The Gatbsy chairs are designed to fit around the PAUL table, complementing the living room with a steel frame and profiles, and a top in rosewood, walnut crotch or lacquered wood.


The LOWELL wood panelling can be customised with a built-in home theatre system and matching bookcase. Available in various sizes and finishes, if fits harmoniously into a variety of environments, endowing the walls with a definite, luxurious identity.


KOSMO is a set of three bronze glazed ceramic side tables marked by graceful lines and balanced proportions, and available in three different heights. SAVOY, instead, is a monolithic table in Silver Wave marble, featuring minimal, squared lines.



The bold design of the CLOE sofa is marked by clean lines, compact volumes and comfortably wide seats. The backrest is punctuated by harmonious horizontal strokes, creating essential geometrical blocks. The unusually shaped armrests, which widen towards the base, grant the leather upholstered frame a striking structural dynamism.


The PARIS bed is the first Smania model to make use of capitonné quilting. The timeless charm of the classic diamond patterned headboard with button studs is reinterpreted with fluid modern lines that introduce a touch of unexpected lightness. Available in cream coloured Nubuck leather, Paris is produced entirely by hand, following in a long-standing tradition that has been in use since the 1800s.



The collection is complemented by a series of light fixtures: MARCEL is a chandelier with arms in glass and brushed polished steel, made up of a series elements in which various material coexist. MAILA, designed by Alessandro La Spada is a hanging lamp available either with one light, for over the bedside table, or in multiple compositions, for the living or dining room.

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