Furnish your Style: Smania’s history and future encapsulated in its new slogan


A promise, an assertion of brand identity, a synthesis of company history and an impetus towards the future: all this is encapsulated in Smania’s new slogan – Furnish your Style – which will be displayed alongside the company’s logo from now on. Naturally, the Salone del Mobile 2018 was the perfect opportunity to present it to the public and the brand’s partners: Smania created an emotionally impactful space starring creations by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and products by the Smania Design Department.


Furnish your Style, three words: a verb, an adjective and a noun that elegantly and passionately express the company’s mission. A verb – furnish – that evokes action, dynamism, ability and expertise, skilful and meticulous savoir-faire, attention devoted to materials, construction, finishes and details to create unique furniture that reflects and reveals everybody’s identity in the space. Then a possessive adjective – your – that expresses what makes you different, what exclusively belongs just to you, what defines who you are in every choice, every decision and every area of your history, in every space in your life; ‘your’ is the mirror, the promise made by MyMood, Smania’s project dedicated to creating custom furniture for architects, designers and customers. Finally, style: a noble concept that embraces art, fashion and culture, which Smania aims to explore in all its forms, since style is a choice, an approach to life, a question of elective affinities between a person and their surroundings, between them and the clothes they wear, the houses they live in and the decor that surrounds them.


Smania has always done it, has always believed it and will continue every day to reciprocate trust with a strong promise, in present, just as in the past: Furnish your Style.

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