Smania, cosmopolitan luxury furniture for contract projects


From Europe to America via the Middle East: the journey undertaken by Smania’s luxury contract furniture starts in Italy. This is where the perfect synthesis between artisan culture and innovative design is formed and developed. Smania’s Italian origin is the basis of its ability to overcome its own boundaries – geographical and ideal – and to achieve an inherently elegant interior fit-out involving a new way of designing and furnishing space.



Drawing on its combination of expertise and experience, Smania captures every desire of those who furnish for the contract sector and transforms them into an icon of architectural, artisan and artistic style. From a historic hotel in the heart of Venice to a futuristic hotel in the Middle East, an executive office in Russia or Saudi Arabia, an exclusive extra-luxury yacht that only follows the rhythms of the ocean and apartments in the centre of Milan and the main metropolises: Smania leaves its unmistakable creative mark in the luxury contract furniture world.



Every piece for the contract sector made by Smania conveys pure harmony between form and substance: to fully express every interior, balanced lines blend with the most precious, bold materials. Wood, fabric, leather, metal, marble and precious stones: every chosen element is the result of meticulous studies and research and aims to create an essence defined by its high-quality and craftsmanship.




Creative DNA is also the driving force behind the various stages of projects created by those who use luxury furniture for the contract sector: from the initial stages, Smania listens to every need and helps customers to imagine geometries and proportions, to the operational stages involving the formation of a work plan and the creation of a product that concretely expresses the feelings experienced by those who choose it. Designing, cutting, sewing and shaping luxury furniture is the goal that Smania pursues every day, working with commitment, energy and passion to realise every dream and to follow it on its journey as a global ambassador of luxury and elegance.



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