The poetic beauty of marble for Smania luxury furniture


It is the boundless and visceral passion for beauty and elegance that makes Smania the haute couture of artisan furnishings. A love for beauty conceived in the mind of the craftsman that is given life through the harmony of the lines, shapes and sophisticated materials like marble. With its veining, colour hues, the satin feel to the touch and the visual impact, this natural stone makes every piece of furniture unique. It is the little details, like the marble finishes, that make the difference and enable Smania luxury furniture and accessories to make every room of the house extraordinary.


From Italy to Spain and all the way to the Far East, the marbles selected by the careful eye and experiential know-how of Smania’s craftsmen are among the most sophisticated and prestigious in the world, elegant in their forms and, at the same time, captivating to the eyes. Calacatta Gold is one of these. From the same source as Carrara marble, this stone is even more precious and sought-after due to its crystalline white background and the golden veining that generates a warm atmosphere. Calacatta Gold is harmoniously combined with wood and metal, as can be seen in Moon, the lines of tables that is perfect for furnishing the modern living room in a classical style.


The Nero Marquina and Emperador Dark, on the other hand, used by Smania to create elegant and sophisticated furniture, are of Spanish origin. The former is characterised by the intensity and compactness of the black colour contrasted with the irregularity of the white veining. The latter, on the other hand, is a brilliant dark brown marble with fine grain and lighter tones, traversed by multiple white veins. The low monolithic table, Savoy, is the perfect example of how the Nero Marquina or the Emperador Dark can give a touch of solidity and prestige to the living area.


Dark tones are also a feature of Silver Wave, a type of marble from India which, as the name suggests, is marked by grey and silvery nuances, even more accentuated by the remarkable wavy veining. Silver Wave is a stone suitable for making work surfaces, as demonstrated by the Los Angeles and Aston 70 tables. Finally, among the range of prestigious marbles used by Smania for luxury furniture is the Azul Macaubas. The peculiarities of this Brazilian stone, belonging to the quartzite family, are the azure and blue hues that are lost in the unpredictability of the golden and white veining. All its magnificence can be admired in Iride, the low round table perfect for completing the elegant aesthetic of a modern living room with a classical style.

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