Designer office furniture: the timeless elegance of the Metropolis desk and the Gt Low chair


There are some Smania products which continue to be appreciated over time, in virtue of their refined lines and sheer quality. This is certainly the case for the Metropolis desk and Gt Low chair, modern yet classical office furniture pieces, perfect for interiors which manifest a blend of furnishing flavours.
Let us look into just why both Smania furnishing pieces are among the most popular and frequently selected by managers and directors for their executive offices.

Designer office furniture must please the eye, through sophisticated and innovative forms. This is certainly the case with Metropolis and Gt Low. The desk evokes a strong aesthetic impact: traditional lines manifest themselves in a contemporary reinterpretation, without ever shunning the canons of art deco style. Together with the chair, it exudes a timeless elegance we never grow tired of admiring.

Modern and classic office furniture should always be created using quality materials. Metropolis and Gt Low go one step further, combining leather, metal and fine wood to create an unprecedented harmony. The aesthetic characteristics of each material are exalted by those of others, culminating in exclusive visual and tactile sensations and original light reflections.

MyMood makes both products even more interesting, enabling the customisation of furniture pieces through changing materials, for a truly original desk and chair which blend seamlessly with your very own style. For example, combining a lighter wood with teal colour leather creates a totally different effect. Or, if designer details in your modern office present black nickel finishings why not replace steel with the same material?
Gt Low is characterised by the same freedom of expression for your style, with a vast array of materials to choose from, with many available in a variety of colours.

Visit the Metropolis and Gt Low pages to discover all available materials and start creating office furniture with your own personal style. Only then will you experience the thrill of a desk and chairs which fully reflect your creative flair. Satisfaction in the daily appreciation of your executive office and pride in your customised choices.

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