Azul Macaubas: the intense blue marble for luxury tables in classic and modern styles


Shades of azure and blue mingle with hints of gold and white, creating an unpredictable – but beautiful – effect. Meet the stunning Azul Macaubas marble, which was the big new addition to the Contrast collection unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair 2017. The sophisticated material was chosen to put the finishing touch to the elegant aesthetics of Smania’s luxury table tops, produced in both classic and modern styles.

Azul Macaubas is a quartzite characterised by blue veining mixed with pastel colours on an azure background. This colouration is due to the presence of the rare mineral dumortierite, which makes the marble even more precious.
The high concentration of quartz makes Azul Macaubas a very hard form of stone, which requires nothing more than the level of polishing typical of semi-precious stones. It is extremely resistant and perfect for kitchen worktops, bathroom fittings and luxury table tops in both modern and classic styles, as well as flooring and wall cladding. Moreover, given the fact that it is not susceptible to deterioration over time, it is suitable for use outdoors, particularly so for swimming pools because the chemical agents used to treat water have no effect on Azul Macaubas.
This marble originates from the Brazilian state of Bahia, which is home to the only mines in the world from which Azul Macaubas is extracted. The company responsible for quarrying the marble is well aware of the rarity of the material and the importance of protecting the environment and thus runs projects designed to ensure the reforestation of the areas affected by quarrying.

In addition to a number of other stunning marbles, Azul Macaubas is one of the available finishes for Smania’s luxury tables, produced in both classic and modern styles. For the Contrast 2017 collection, the company has produced the low Iride table, which is taken to the next level with the unique charm of Azul Macaubas. The marble table top creates a stunning effect with its wonderful colouration, which is offset by the warmth of brushed, burnished steel and the lightness of the white leather that covers the rosewood structure.
Thanks to the wide range of customisation options offered by Smania MyMood, Azul Macaubas can be used as the top for other tables, such as the Lock dining table. You can also combine its blue shading with the shiny steel of Aston 70 and Aston 100 or a huge range of other materials for Los Angeles, including a full 14 different types of leather. The intense blue marble can also be used as a pairing with the steel of Moon 30 and Moon 60, as well as with the woods used for Moon 95 and Moon 130. Finally, Azul Macaubas makes a fine addition to the elegant Harrys bar, the round Glam side table, the sophisticated Rasha console table and the refined Jamal desk.
Whatever you choose, Azul Macaubas is sure to give your space a unique hit of absolute elegance.

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