How to choose the perfect furniture fabric to bring sophistication to your space


Furniture fabrics are powerful things. They can bring a unique style to your space thanks to fresh combinations between their colours and patterns and the finishes and materials used for other features. It means that choosing fabrics and leathers is a vital part of the process of furnishing a room, one that rests on striking the perfect balance between personal preferences, ideal combinations and current trends.

This season’s style trends are the driving force behind the three new interior fabrics showcased as part of the new collection, which was unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair 2017. Bargelo, Bouquet and Dione belong to three different categories of luxury furniture fabric, which stole the show at this year’s Paris Déco Off.

Furniture fabrics with geometric patterns
Geometry has been the biggest trend of recent years, using repeating straight lines and angles to form stunning patterns which catch the eye with their playful use of colour and perspective. Whether they feature large, loud patterns or delicate tone-on-tone motifs, these fabrics work best with furniture whose decorative impact is in need of a lift.
Bargelo features broken lines in beige and blue, while shades of gold add depth. This fabric would give an armchair or another piece of furniture a vibrant elegance which conveys a sense of sumptuous modernity. Also available in red and silver.

Floral furniture fabrics
Leaves, flowers and branches abound on these fabrics, which evoke the shapes and shades of nature in a wide range of eclectic styles. Designs include graphic, multi-colour patterns, monochrome foliage, varying levels of natural elements and stylised motifs. Opting for a floral fabric is a subtle nod to the Art Deco style and brings a hit of freshness to an interior design project.
Bouquet uses a range of light and dark shades to emphasise the unique beauty of nature. The shiny petals and leaves bring light to a room, complementing the pleasant sense of tranquillity that only nature can provide.

Marble-effect furniture fabrics
Delicate velvet is used to recreate the veining of marble, that most noble of stones, lending a sculptural elegance to everything it is paired with. The shine of marble is replaced with softness, its cold surface swapped for a warm, touchable fabric. A special range of furniture fabrics for sofas and armchairs, these velvets convey a sense of timeless class.
Dione maintains the material texture so distinctive of marble, despite being “just” a representation of the stone. Cool shades of white, blue and grey are the protagonists of the smooth contrasts created by this fabric.

Bargelo, Bouquet and Dione are special fabrics guaranteed to bring sophistication to any living room, bedroom or office. Each of them packs an evocative punch that is sure to leave a unique style footprint wherever used.

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