The Smania veranda in history


The term veranda, originally from India, was introduced in the Mediterranean countries towards the end of the fifteenth century, to indicate the light construction porticoes that surrounded the homes in tropical countries or only in the parts most exposed to the sun. These porticoes were simply closed with curtains or mats in order to create shaded and cooler areas.


In the countries of central and northern Europe, the veranda, closed on three sides with windows, protruded from the perimeter walls of a building, and could be used for various purposes, just like it is today: to store plants and flowers during the winter season, to enjoy a greater and better view to the outside or to increase the surface area of natural lighting in the rooms.


With these purposes, the verandas have found wide application in the following centuries and are still an excellent solution for creating continuity between the inside and the outside: a way to establish a more intimate connection with the sky, the landscape, greenery, the light and air.


Having a beautiful veranda means being able to enjoy a privileged space of the house where one can relax, read, have dinner with friends, dedicate time to the care of plants: an environment to be designed according to one’s tastes and desires.


In common with winter gardens, verandas are an expression of the need for greater contact between the person and nature. In both cases, furniture plays a fundamental role and Smania has not been shy in facing the challenge. In the past, it has designed two historic collections dedicated to the veranda, fascinating solutions, with a colonial flavour, that were able to express, through their materials and skilled craftsmanship, all the quality of the Smania proposal. The interwoven wood, the leather, the bamboo of exotic inspiration, so popular in those years: refined combinations that were a huge success. These were complete collections, to insert into other rooms of the house. In addition to sofas, tables and armchairs, Magnolia and Traditional also included furniture for the sleeping area, the result of the same inspiration, for a total look home.


This year Smania has further developed the theme, pushing further and delineating it even more broadly. Intercepting the needs of the contemporary man and woman, it has worked to give form to an original, versatile answer, rich in interpretative nuances.


The challenge: creating an inside-out collection capable of creating the atmosphere and feeling of a luxurious retreat. To achieve this goal, Smania has designed comfortable and elegant furnishings that evoke nature and the state of well-being and harmony that open spaces can give. It will be a special collection, which will once again have as protagonists Made in Italy materials and excellence.


Created to satisfy a demanding public that is attentive to new furnishing trends, the new collection will be presented at the upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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