Inside-Out. New Trends in Décor


Once conceived and designed with a certain degree of conceptual austerity, décor gradually branched out, distancing itself from the formalism of specific rules. Over the years design has always explored new frontiers, tending to reinvent, blend, and compose widely recognisable linguistic codes as well as create new and original visions. One of the new trends in décor that we are now seeing is the cross-contamination between pieces of furniture from various spaces in the home.


The relationship between interior and exterior, between a strict sense of domestic environment and “open space”, is particularly interesting. People today seem to be looking more and more for a fusion of contexts and functions, the main objective of which is wellness and relaxation. In searching for psychological and physical comfort, connected to the state of peace, balance, and instinctive wonder that we feel when we’re in contact with nature, we seek to create environments and conditions that rouse these emotions even in everyday contexts.


In the field of design, Inside-Out is a trend that seeks to find a solution to these needs, creating suggestive experiences that make space for the colours and scents of nature within our homes. All of this through the development of products, accessories, and structures that are suitable in terms of design and materials, and through the creation of specially conceived spaces.


Space for emotions, sensory experiences, and holistic wellness: attention given to every sphere of one’s person, according to an integrated approach that today involves many disciplines. The world of interior design couldn’t help but be a part of this movement.


Smania has accepted the challenge, fascinated by the idea of developing a highly dynamic vision of living space. At the next Salone del Mobile it will present a collection that promises to evoke the freedom and buoyancy of being outdoors, without excluding luxury and elegance. It will be a versatile collection, perfect for various contexts: from city apartments to country homes, from the veranda to the winter garden… Inside-Out.

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