Smania partner of the Powervolley Revivre Milano for the 2018/2019 season


Smania, company of Made in Italy that manufactures exclusive, unconventional luxury furnishings, supports the competitive activity of Powervolley Revivre Milano.


There are many companies in the territory that offer their valuable contribution, showing great interest for the projects and ideals of the Milanese volleyball teams, which go from investments in the territory for the cities and the region, to the involvement of schools and social activities.


President Lucio Fusaro, former player of Gonzaga Milano, declares: “Volleyball is the second most popular sport in Italy, but even more than talking about volleyball, we talk about a healthy movement, rich in values such as solidarity, respect, friendship. Saying simply ‘sport is good for you’ is often rhetorical: but in fact, there is nothing quite like sport, which is good for the rundown peripheries of our cities. For this reason we have tried to implement, together with Powervolley Milano, a concept that doesn’t involve only the primary team and their results, but an activity that works for and in the territory.”


Smania thus is able to be spokesperson, together with the other sponsor companies and partners, and shares the values of the company itself. The captain Matteo Piano affirms: “To be a team even outside of the playing court is the example that we want to transmit”.


Smania is an expression of the refined beauty of Made in Italy and of the quality that is elaborated and rooted in the pleasure of creating, supporting and sustaining Milanese volleyball and sharing the love of the commitment, constancy and passion in know-how… and with the same passion and the same values, we also root for Powervolley Revivre Milano.

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