Snooker - cod. LMSNOOKE01

Size: width 48 cm, height 83 cm, depth 48 cm

High table lamp in bronzed antique engraved glass with steel details and lampshade.

This lamp stands out for its many details: the refinement of the pleated lampshade, the sophistication of the glass engravings and the brightness of the reflections of the metal base. This is why Snooker is special: it is a treasure that enlightens everything.

This table lamp finds its ideal place in classic living room furnishing that also contemplates modern style. Placed on a sideboard,it gives personality to a living room or enriches a luxury bedroom. Finally, it matches with high quality furniture of a prestigious office.

Snooker can be customised by changing the metal of the base. The brown brushed steel can be replaced with brushed nickel. This way you will enrich your lamp with algid reflections that reflect your personal style and interior.

The bronzed glass makes this lamp unique: it is shining and chic and appears even more special thanks to the antique effect. The engravings complete the details: crosses and points add a touch of rhythm to the structure.






Bronzed - brushed

Bronzed brushed


Nichel - brushed

Nichel brushed


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