Shave - cod. TPSHAVE01 - TPSHAVE02 - TPSHAVE03

Size: width 400 cm, depth 300 cm

Size: width 350 cm, depth 250 cm

Size: width 300 cm, depth 300 cm

Natural shaved and laser-etched lapin rug.

Shave has a charming intense dark red nuance that becomes the protagonist of the room and marks its exuberant personality. Besides the nuance, it stands out among luxury accessories for the exclusive pattern decorating the fur.

It matches with modern design furnishing that also contemplates classic style, thus finding its place in environments characterised by both styles. In addition, since it can be customised, it perfectly matches with your luxury furniture. The fur is available in other colours than ruby red, namely beige, brown, mint and pearl. You can create a very original rug that reflects your personality.

Shave distinguishes for its softness: the fur ensures special and exclusive comfort.

Shave can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.





Ruby red


Mint green

Grey melange


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