Roy - cod. LMROY01

Size: width 40 cm, height 121 cm, depth 40 cm

Roy is a chandelier characterized by refined and slim lines. The opal glass gives a clean touch that matches with the aesthetics of the metal reflections. These two materials blend together and give the room a strong personality.

Roy perfectly matches with modern living room furniture that includes some classic elements. This chandelier can enrich this kind of furniture as well as different environments. It is the ideal piece among luxury accessories for bedrooms and prestigious offices: Roy spreads a chic and exclusive light that, thanks to the wood details, gives a personality to any interior.

You can add a personal touch to the chandelier: by changing the material Roy will reflect your personal style thus becoming unique. In addition to the polished steel, also black polished nickel, brushed nickel and burnished brushed nickel are available.

The unique harmony among wood, steel and glass creates an algid but vibrant design, and this is the distinctive feature of Roy. The gracefulness and severity of this chandelier breaks the monotony giving the room a special personality.


Black Nickel





Polished stainless steel

Black Nickel

Black Nickel

Bronzed - brushed

Bronzed brushed


Nichel - brushed

Nichel brushed


Polished stainless steel

Polished stainless steel


Tobacco rosewood


Tobacco rosewood - polished

Tobacco rosewood polished

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