Quadro D - cod. CPQUADRO0D

Size: width 100 cm, height 100 cm

Squared decorative panel.

Calmness or chaos? Quadro D raises both sensations. It is a decorative panel characterised by a sole colour and no apparent subject,that evocates different suggestions in the soul of the ones staring at it. This is the main feature of Quadro D, precisely: it represents intense feelings and amazes the gaze.

The multifaceted golden nuance makes it perfect for luxury furniture of living rooms, bedrooms and offices. In fact, thanks to the elegance provided by the balance between calmness and chaos, it is part of modern accessories that contemplate classic style as well, thus matching with both styles.

Strong traits, gathering effects and refined reflections make this decorative panel a lively but algid piece that cannot be missed in environments with a strong personality.

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