Mawi 80 - cod. LMMAWI01

Size: diameter 80 cm

Politech chandelier.

Mawi expresses delicate and sophisticated elegance. Thanks to its particular refinement, it stands out among all the other chandeliers. The politech structure designs smooth curved lines, so gentle that you can follow them while laying down looking at the sky. When the chandelier is turned on, the same delicate traits reflect on the outdoor pieces of furniture. For such reason, Mawi’s design is the protagonist at any time.

This chandelier perfectly matches with the outdoor garden furnishing that expresses both classic and modern style, thus performing both the decorative and the functional function.

Mawi can be placed alone or serially: in both cases it will give an added touch of refinement to your luxury dehor.

Mawi withstands the worst weather: its durability is provided by the politech structure.

Mawi 80 can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.




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