Empire - cod. LMEMPIRE02

Wooden floor lamp with shade, brushed stainless steel details.

It is the material dualism that distinguishes Empire. Dedicated to those who appreciate geometric rigor, it is designed with squares of different sizes. The long and elegant base reveals the beauty of the shades of the wood. The metal completes the brightness of the lamp by helping to give light with its brilliant reflections. Finally, the lampshade is still a square, more important and majestic.
Empire adapts to modern contemporary furnishings that also include classic style and can find a place in the living room, perhaps next to a sofa, in the luxury office or in the bedroom as an additional source of lighting.
Empire can be created according to your original taste: choose a different essence and decide whether to cover it with fabrics by selecting one from those proposed. Then combine a different metal and thus create a new, incomparable lamp.

It is the design of this lamp that makes it sophisticated and refined. The exclusive concentric structure gives Empire a strong character and elevates its decorative power.

The EMPIRE floor lamp can be customized according to your taste and the style of your home.

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