Smania MyMood, for sophisticated furniture that reflects your idea of beauty


Smania’s philosophy is to give life to the idea of beauty through the creation of furniture and luxury furnishings by making available its artisan culture. A visceral passion for beauty combined with the world of furnishing that can be summed up in two words: My Mood. “My” suggests a sense of belonging, a strong sentimental bond towards something. “Mood” incorporates a universe of emotions and feelings that characterise every single person. So MyMood is a concept devised by Smania to enable you to choose and personify a product with all the details that mirror your idea of beauty and your taste for the room you want to furnish.


Because, for Smania, the concept of luxury goes far beyond elegance and sophistication. For Smania, luxury also means freedom of choice. Thanks to MyMood, all the quality furniture that the company makes for every type of room can be personalised in accordance with the individual’s aesthetic tastes and personality, choosing between numerous essences, covers, finishes and colours. Do you want to embellish your living zone with the Belmond sofa according to your style of classic and modern furniture? With MyMood, you have complete freedom to customise it, opting for different types of materials. For example, you can choose the Casanova fabric in dove-grey colour for the cover and the brushed burnished finish for the steel feet.


Do you have a weakness for sophisticated, luxury furnishings but aren’t sure of how to produce a total, harmonious look for your spaces? No problem. You can always let yourself be guided and inspired by the various moods that Smania offers: Impressionist Earth, Venetian Gold, Twilight of Fire, Nectar of Ambrosia, Great Expectations, Titianesque Expression and Deep Woods. Seven systems that mix and match colours, hides and fabrics to make your dining room, study or bedroom an extremely exclusive room.

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