Smania: Italian furnishings distinguished by superior cabinetmaking


At the Smania manufacturing site the air is laden with the pungent aromas of wood. Despite embracing industrialisation, the company has remained true to its artisan heritage. This is where art is created using wood. Venice is indissolubly linked to art.
Wood, a material which exudes natural beauty, is crafted to create exclusive Italian furnishings characterised by unique texture. A total wood look which renders all products exceptional, incomparable with others.

There is an indivisible link between Smania and wood. During production all it takes is a few moments to identify the distinguishing features of a wood sheet: its nuance, size, tonalities and the direction of veining. The creative process begins as soon as its distinctive characteristics are identified. First of all the sheet is cut, then assembled and sewn together, ever mindful of the design suggested by wood’s precious aesthetic, embraced as a highly original and sought-after essence of Smania Italian furnishings.

Processing is linear, when the entire wood sheet is suitable for use. Perhaps small, extremely simple adjustments are made, involving a few cuts. This is usually the case for naturally decorative varieties, particularly suitable for expressing wood’s innate allure.

Quartering involves cutting four wood sheets to give a characteristic symmetric pattern which exudes flair. Flaming one section of wood which is then combined with others creates a spectacular pattern on all four sides, a symmetric and original texture which confers elegance upon Italian wooden furniture.
Even more spectacular tactile textures can be achieved with walnut crotch.
 These precious wood sheets are obtained from parts of the tree where a single trunk splits into two and is characterised by unique veining, redolent of a feather’s graceful lightness. Here too, the ideal sheets are selected and cut to create the conceived pattern, before being sewn together symmetrically. This complex technique requires creativity, experience and a special kind of savoir faire. Wood veining presents itself as segments of a kaleidoscopic geometric pattern, as extraordinary as it is rare, constituting the perfect decoration for luxury Italian furnishings.

All three wood crafting processes express Smania’s solid artisan tradition which seamlessly combines inextinguishable flair with sartorial skill, applied onto wood with exclusive, scenographic patterns.

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