10 Reasons to Opt for Personalised Luxury Décor


What does the word “luxury”, as it applies to interior design, mean? What style is best suited to your home and why should you personalise it? In this article we answer these and other questions, identifying 10 reasons why you should choose to furnish your home with personalised luxury décor.

Many luxury furniture brands exist, especially in Italy, a country that is world-famous for its high quality artisan production of furniture and interior design accessories. Sorting through the many brands is difficult, but it is even more difficult to create a unique and personalised style in your luxury home. For many designers and architects the main challenge when designing the interior of a luxury residence is that of selecting furniture which is not only luxurious, but also full of personality and reflects the tastes of their clients. If they do not succeed, then their clients may find themselves in a home that is extremely luxurious, but that lacks character. How does one avoid falling into this trap and why should one opt for personalised luxury décor?



Luxury Décor: What is changing?

Luxury is one of those ephemeral terms, like happiness, beauty, and style, that are rather difficult to explain and even more difficult to define. We often read and hear terms like “luxury lifestyle”, “luxury design”, and “luxury home”, but what exactly do they mean? How is luxury interpreted these days and what has changed as compared to the past?

Years ago “luxury” may have meant gold faucets, marble-covered surfaces, and lavish accessories, but today furnishing a luxury home isn’t so predictable. In examining how the perception of luxury has changed in recent years, we compiled a list of several guidelines to keep in mind.

Living a Designer Experience

In the past people tended to purchase objects with tangible value as “status symbols”, to show off their wealth. These days people would rather purchase unique experiences that can be had in their private spaces as well, and luxury design has adapted to this trend. People want to have emotional experiences at home, for example with a spa in the bedroom area or with a home movie theatre.

Purchasing Unique Objects

The current trend in luxury décor is that of purchasing from local artisans and small boutiques rather than from large brands. People want unique objects that no one else has. If you go into a large store that sells luxury furniture, you will find the same things no matter what city you are in: New York, Paris, Rome. How can an object be considered luxurious if anyone can purchase it (price tag aside)? Luxury is, therefore, synonymous with rare and precious (it’s no coincidence that vintage pieces have become so popular).

Decorating According to One’s Tastes

Another change that has affected luxury décor is the fact that people are unlikely to be influenced by the styles and trends of the moment. They will not purchase a piece of furniture or a designer object just because it is extremely popular, but rather want their homes to be furnished and decorated according to their personal tastes and needs. In this sense, luxury has come to mean personalisation and functionality: from custom built furniture to lighting and outdoor spaces. Everything must be characterised by the individuality of the people who live there and must perform a very specific function for them.



Why Personalise Luxury Décor: 10 Reasons

With a clear picture in our minds of the landscape in which the luxury décor sector operates, it becomes important to provide our clients with a personalised design that corresponds to their individual tastes and meets their expectations. The challenges that come with finding unique pieces, designing unusual spaces, and coming up with personalised solutions is compensated by your clients’ satisfaction. Let’s take a look at these 10 reasons to opt for personalised luxury décor.

1. The Human Touch

An entirely handcrafted piece of furniture will never be perfectly symmetrical, but it is this kind of imperfection that makes it authentic. If you are working on a luxury design project, selecting furniture crafted by artisans, in keeping with the tastes and desires of your client, is a must. This, in turn, will make the home one-of-a-kind and will provide the human touch that is missing from mass produced furniture. Nowhere is it written that a luxury home must be sterile and without character. On the contrary, these days, as we mentioned previously, it is important that it reflect the interests and tastes of the owners.

2. A Piece of Furniture is Forever

One of the undisputed advantages of personalising luxury décor is that of creating a unique style and environment that will last throughout the years and won’t “age” over time. A home that is furnished specifically for those who live in it is much less likely to end up boring its owners, who will be able to add or replace objects over the years without completely changing the décor. A style that reflects the tastes of the owner, not only in terms of the aesthetics but also in terms of the functionality of the various pieces, will be (almost) eternal. Furthermore, handcrafted and custom-built furniture holds up better over time. Rather than getting old, these pieces have the virtue of becoming “vintage”.



3. Luxury Equals Comfort

Forget about homes bathed in gold and marble, that are tidy and symmetrical to the point of exhaustion. Luxury does not mean furniture that is unapproachable, uncomfortable, or that gets ruined at the slightest touch. Luxury décor has come to be synonymous with comfort. So absolutely choose furniture that reflects the tastes and desires of the client, that is comfortable, and that makes the home feel welcoming.

4. Vintage is Beautiful

Not “old”, but “vintage”. It was personalisation, taken to the extreme in the luxury interior design sector, that helped open the door to furniture and objects with a story: pieces that are unique because of the way that they have been used, the people who have, and the details of their manufacture. Such pieces have become extremely sought after and have come to be considered luxury items.

5. Client Satisfaction

Being able to reflect the tastes and expectations of a client in an interior design project is not easy. But a plus of personalised décor, created after careful study of the needs and requirements of the client, is his or her satisfaction. And of course nothing is better for building a positive reputation as an interior designer!  

6. Appreciation of the Final Result

An excellent final result does not please only your client. You will also want to take due credit for your part in having come up with the design. Furthermore, you will be able to share it on social media sites, on your blog, or in industry websites and magazines. In fact, the more unique and more personal the design, the greater chance it will have of being noticed.



7. To Each Object Its Own Function

Personalisation also means combining aesthetics and functionality in a single object. It makes no sense to include a wine cellar in the spacial design when the owners are not connoisseurs of wine, or a studio or a gym in a home where no one will use them. We seek, therefore, to give each room and each piece of furniture a specific function. This will make the home not only luxurious, but also useful and will enhance your client’s satisfaction (as well as your reputation).

8. Feel Like Home

A home must, first of all, be comfortable to those who live in it and to their guests. Personalising every tiny detail according to the chosen style will make the final effect more hospitable. Curtains, rugs, works of art, decorative objects, pillows, and so on and so forth: everything must be studied down to the smallest particular in order to achieve the perfect result.

9. Be a Trendsetter

For an architect, an interior designer, or a decorator creating projects that stand out in the sector is fundamental. It is not easy to launch a new style or a new trend, but the more personalised your creations are, the greater chance you will have of being followed and imitated by “colleagues”.

10. Astound Guests

When an interior design boasts unique pieces and has a well-defined character, your client will not only be able to relish the final result, but also astound his or her guests. This will give your design an extra edge and will increase the likelihood that other people come to you.



Decorating the Various Environments in the Home: 5 Tricks to Keep in Mind

Maintain a Consistent Style

Before starting to decorate, you must decide on a style or combination of styles that will then be respected throughout the home. Have you opted for a minimalist design? Or would you like to add a modern touch to the interior of a luxury apartment? The furniture that you buy must correspond to the pre-chosen style, even when you purchase new pieces.

Combine Functionality, Comfort, and Aesthetics.

Pieces of luxury furniture are more than mere objects. They must demonstrate a balance between functionality, comfort, and proportions, while also being aesthetically beautiful. We suggest trying out various furniture arrangements in order to understand which one is best suited to the environment and to the context that you are decorating. Personalised furniture and lighting can drastically change the appearance of your space. Play with colours, textures, and materials: every tiny detail will enhance the final effect and will bring you closer to your desired result.



The Power of Contrasts

Play with contrasting shades and patterns in the space that you are decorating. It is possible to achieve an extraordinary effect simply by using various contrasting colours and textures. Think of the space to be decorated as a blank canvas and add splashes of colour, like bright red or electric blue, to immediately draw attention. You can do this with a piece of furniture, combining modern and contemporary pieces in order to create a versatile and eye-catching look, or with unique accessories.

Choose Who You Work With

It is extremely important to choose the right partners and suppliers for your interior design project. Whether it is for the creation of a custom-built piece of furniture or for the purchase of a decorative object, you must be certain of the professionalism and quality of those providing you with the service. Exploring different ideas and finding new partners who provide personalised solutions is fundamental. To know if they are reliable read reviews, ask colleagues, try them out with small orders, and visit the company. By doing so, you will avoid future problems.

Touch the Products With Your Hands

Okay, you’re certain of your choice, that piece of furniture is exactly right for your project. If you have the opportunity, before you purchase it go to see it in person, touch it with your hands, test out its functions, and make sure that the colour and texture really are perfect.




Returning to our initial point, you now possess the tools you need in order to avoid coming up with a design that is aseptic and that lacks personality, as well as the lever for offering your clients a décor made up of brands that may be lesser known, but that are much more valuable and rare (read: luxurious).

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