Made in Italy Quality: the craftsmanship of Smania’s luxury furniture


Italy is known worldwide for the quality of its design, its artisan craftsmanship, the packaging of its products, and its high quality materials.

The best Made in Italy products combine tradition and technology in a balanced formula that is always successful. Anyone can sense the unique quality of handmade products, the fact of their not having been industrially produced (something which makes products look all the same).

Every detail demonstrates how the manual skill of artisan craftsmen is capable of enhancing products with an additional aesthetic touch. The smallest details of each object are different, making them inimitable.

In this sense, Smania (through its craftsmanship of luxury furniture) has been able to bring designer objects and furniture that fully embody the art of Italian artisan craftsmanship to offices, trendy restaurants, hotels, and private residences.

But before we take a closer look at the materials and methods of production that make Smania’s products one of a kind, we would like to indicate five reasons why the Made in Italy label is a guarantee of technical and stylistic quality.



5 Reasons to Choose Made in Italy Furniture

Let’s look at the five reasons why Made in Italy products are admired and recognised around the world and, therefore, why one should choose them:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Safety and durability
  4. Tradition
  5. Quality

Let’s go point by point.

1. Uniqueness

Every piece of furniture is an exclusive item, the product of unique and inimitable workmanship that guarantees each client a high quality, Made in Italy, artisan product of incomparable style.

Over time, Made in Italy design has assumed unique and distinctive characteristics that make it stand out among other aesthetic genres and tendencies.

An Italian artisan product will add an exceptional stylistic touch to your space, enhancing your furniture compositions with just the right element.

2. Attention to detail

All Made in Italy artisan products are carefully crafted, paying particular attention to the details in every stage of production.

From the selection of the highest quality materials to the crafting of the product, from the finishing touches to customisation according to the requests of the client.

3. Safety and durability

In the international market, Italian design plays an important role, standing out for its commitment to perfection in relation to aesthetics and technical value.

With reference to the world of interior design, when one talks about artisan production the term “quality” is synonymous with “safety and durability”.

The attention and care dedicated to the product, in every phase of the production cycle, aim to define the aesthetic profile, while also preserving the structural integrity in terms of strength and durability.

4. Tradition

Italy is known for its thriving artisan tradition, passed down from craftsman to craftsman through the years, to arrive in tact and jealously preserved in the present day.

These days the tradition and knowledge of the manufacturing arts remain true precious resources, as well as something that is fundamental to the production and crafting of luxury furniture, performed with passion and precision in order to respond to the requests of the most demanding clients.

5. Quality

Artisan production implies greater care and attention during every phase of the manufacturing process: an exemplary workmanship of raw materials that automatically translates into merchandise with a higher standard of quality.

In fact, the selection of higher quality materials alongside the experience and meticulous craftsmanship of expert artisans, together guarantee a final product of outstanding quality, finely crafted and finished with impeccable care.

It is for these reasons that luxury Made in Italy furniture continues to stand out and be admired around the world.

The crafting of luxury furniture by Smania: a devoted Made in Italy company

Through the artisan production and crafting of luxury furniture, Smania has become a repository of the most important values of artisan craftsmanship: an art that strives for the creation of luxury products, fruit of skilful workmanship and the artistry of artisan trades.

Let’s take a look at the materials and corresponding techniques of artisan production which turn Smania’s products into true Made in Italy objects of quality:

  • Ceramics
  • Fabrics
  • Marble
  • Natural stones
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Wood

Smania MyMood offers enormous freedom in the customisation of products depending on one’s tastes and the type of environment to be furnished, from the finishes to the colours and from the inserts and textures to the combination of materials.


Only quality materials are capable of providing decorative objects with new forms and light.

In this sense, ceramic brings a more bold and elegant image to vases, designer furniture, decorative elements, and ornaments thanks to customisable enamelling: gold, nickel, bronze, pearl, or platinum lustre. The choice is yours, choose  the ceramic that you like the most according to the design concept with which you have chosen to decorate your space.




Smania myMood guarantees the utmost customisation for chairs, beds, or even comfort objects like sofas, armchairs, and accent pillows.

So it’s important to select the highest quality fabrics for the upholstering of chairs and other pieces of furniture: velvet, cotton, silk, fur, solid colour fabrics or fabrics with a floral design in infinite colours and motifs.

Every fabric, with its own luxurious aura and singular decorative style, is capable of leaving a unique stylistic mark in your luxury space.




An elegant and durable material that combines captivating aesthetics with high performance strength. Many different kinds of marble exist, we find the best to be:

  • Calacatta gold
  • Azul macaubas
  • Marquinia black
  • Emperador dark
  • Silver wave
  • Calacatta sky

These are the marbles which Smania offers (customisable in terms of cut and texture), of the highest quality and utmost elegance, capable of giving furniture an important and sophisticated look.

Ideal for floors or for the surfaces of desks, tables, buffets, etc., marble inserts itself with innate versatility in any decorative context, from the most casual to the most chic.



Natural Stones

When light reflects the nuances of natural stone (used in the crafting of furniture and horizontal surfaces) interior design comes to life, creating warm, luxurious, and welcoming atmospheres. In particular, labradorite, which we see in the Victory credenza and the Giselle table, adds a unique and valuable touch to any piece.

An extraordinary gem that attracts and captures everyone’s gaze with its natural spectrum of cold colours, which, depending on the light, vary from peacock blue to dark grey, from violet to blue-green.




With Smania it’s possible to select from among the most valuable leathers and use them to upholster sofas, beds, and chairs of all kinds. Our artisan craftsmen will cut the leather in such a way as to indulge the needs of the client.

Leather, in addition to enhancing the aesthetic profile of furniture, enhances comfort as well, getting touch and sight involved in a unique sensory perception.

From soft nabuck to printed alligator, from capitonné upholstery to chesterfield styling, from basic to embroidered, leather is perfect in modern, classic, or industrial design contexts, whether a lounge, a trendy bar or restaurant, or a businessman’s office.




The seductive reflections of metal inserts make furniture more sophisticated, from the handles of office furniture to the inserts of modern chairs in the lobby of a luxury hotel. Smania offers a wide range of nuances with a simple and elegant tone: brushed nickel, black, bronze, and platinum lustre.

Metals are subjected to a lava finish, an artisan treatment that makes it possible to clad a metal sheet in a very thin layer of a more noble metal. In this way the metal makes a greater visual impact and is also more durable.


Last, but not least: wood, a material that never ceases to amaze, adapting to both classic and modern design concepts. The most valuable artisan techniques used by Smania’s artisan craftsman are:

  • Linear: the sheet of wood is cut so as to be used in its entirety. It is the most simple processing technique, but exalts the wood’s natural beauty;
  • Quartering: the craftsman chooses a sheet of wood and divides it into four equal parts, all with a particular flame treatment that, combined with the other treatments, creates a mirrored design on the four quarters. Putting together the cuts of wood, an elegant choreography of symmetrical and geographic images is created that establishes the character of the piece of furniture;
  • Feathering: here the sheets of wood used come from the part of the tree in which the branches separate, in which patterns are created that resemble a feather. The carpenter cuts the sheets in just the right spot and connects the pieces together perfectly, creating a harmonious and mirrored appearance.

With Smania myMood one can choose from among different kinds of wood, available in unique and particular shades, like:

  • Wenge: a heavy and durable wood that is known for its dark colour;
  • Canaletto walnut: a brown wood with dark veining from Europe, available in canaletto walnut frisé, glossy canaletto walnut frisé, feathered walnut, and grey feathered walnut;
  • Rosewood: a dark, smooth wood from Brazil available in matte rosewood, glossy rosewood, matte tobacco rosewood, and glossy tobacco rosewood;
  • Grey ash: a light coloured wood with dark veining from Europe, Asia, and Africa.



High quality and an elegant aesthetic: two certainties in the crafting of luxury artisan furniture.

The art of artisan craftsmanship finds new channels of stylistic expression with Smania, a brand of inimitable style that makes every piece of furniture or designer object one of a kind, with details and finishes that are always different.

For Smania, quality is an attitude.

Products with the Smania label keep the quality of Made in Italy alive in the details and finishes which are different for every solution, each one capable of fully satisfying a client’s most specific tastes.

Visit our website and discover the many options available for customising the materials and textures of your furniture and making each piece a unique object.

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