Introducing Espressione Tizianesca, the latest in Smania’s modern and classic lounge furniture Inspirations


Lovers of red will know that one of the most elegant, bright shades of the colour is Tiziano red. Its name derives from the Venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio, known as Titian in English, who often used it in his paintings, which are characterised by a sophisticated mix of colours. Drawing inspiration from this, Smania has used a similarly bright, bold combination of shades for its lounge furniture in both the modern and classic styles.

Tiziano red and the refined shades of Smania’s lounge Inspiration, named Espressione Tizianesca, both share a strong sense of sophistication.
The various Smania Inspirations are part of MyMood, which gives you the ability to choose the materials you want to use for your furniture according to your unique style. It means you can create modern lounge furniture by selecting particular finishes, or go for a more classic style by opting for different material combinations.
On the other hand, if you’d like to draw on the suggestions of our interior designers, we’ve put together a range of Inspirations which pair specific finishes with our pieces: Espressione Tizianesca is one of these.

At the heart of the Inspiration is Lisa, the inviting, classy armchair with a stunning appearance. Its comfort and beauty are unrivalled, thanks largely to red Vivaldi fabric used, which is delicate and vibrant at the same time.
Lisa is made even more special by an elegant, comfortable cushion upholstered in radiant Madrid fabric in red and gold. The same fabric is paired with the warm nuances of rosewood in the Corinto sidetable, creating the perfect accompaniment for the armchair – not just in terms of the colours and finishes, but also the rounded, elegant lines.

Red and gold are given special emphasis, allowing them to become the stars of a modern, designer lounge with hints of classical styles also incorporated. The Espressione Tizianesca would be nothing without the Cup floor lamp, which features a brushed, burnished steel base and a shade in Wagner fabric – red, of course.

There are plenty of accessories too. The Candy vase in smoked glass brings light into the lounge while complementing the soft curves of the other furnishings. Finally, the Iceberg rug in sheepskin and grey leather complete the look, bringing a neutral influence to the Smania total look.

If you have a vibrant personality and want your character to shine through in your furniture, you now know how to put together a modern yet classic lounge. With Espressione Tizianesca, you’ll be able to create a space in which everything leaves its mark.

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