Home furnishings: the on-trend colours and materials for 2018


The start of the year is the time we begin to discover what the new trends are in home furnishing. With Smania MyMood, you can combine the hottest fabrics with furniture and accessories to create unique, on-trend pieces. It means you’ll be able to create a space with both classic and modern detailing, accentuated by contemporary colours and finishes, such as red, purple and velvet.

Bright red
The red trend is especially strong because of the colour’s current standing in the world of fashion – and the brighter the better. For a modern home, the best shades to go for are more vibrant tones such as Venetian or Scandinavian red, or even the scarlet and orange notes of Chili Oil. The most important thing is to choose a bold colour that brings an exuberant sense of personality to a room.
Red can be used for individual pieces, like padded furniture, or as a theme connecting furniture, chairs, finishes and walls. One great example of this is our Espressione Tizianesca concept, which we already spoke about in this article. It combines the Lisa armchair in red Vivaldi fabric with the Corinto side table – taken to the next level with Madrid fabric – and the Cup lamp, which is given added vibrancy by Wagner fabric.

Deep purple
Halfway between orchid and lavender, Ultra Violet is a vibrant shade of purple that can being a touch of sophisticated to any designer home.
Smania has gone with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 for the Continental bed, in a move that maintains tradition yet brings a sense of daring excitement to any space. The bed is modern and luxurious, with traditional shaping and soft lines. This traditional bed design is the perfect counterweight to the Ultra Violet colour, which transports us into a magical wold and brings a feeling of elegance, sophistication and refinement to the sleeping experience. Every inch of the Continental bed has been meticulously planned, with the Angelico Viola upholstery highlighting the brand’s trademark daring style. It’s perfect for classic and modern styles alike, paying tribute to the artisanal expertise that Smania channels into each and every product: an expression of quality, passion and dedication.

Elegant velvet
Soft velvet is the perfect addition to any modern home, lending an invaluable sense of timeless sophistication. Another trend taken from the world of fashion, velvet will bring a luxurious feel to padded furniture, but its uses don’t stop there. It can be used to finish accessories such as mirrors, rugs and lamps. Moreover, thanks to MyMood, you’re free to customise the materials used for the majority of furniture in the Smania range. Choose from a range of types and colours of velvet and use it to add the finishing touch to tables, chests of drawers, bookcases and side tables.

So, now you know the latest trends, it’s time for you to get moving: choose a piece of furniture or an accessory from the Smania range and personalise it with your favourite colour or material. The result will be truly unique!

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