Dreaming of a White & Silver winter


A bright, airy and elegant space. The protagonists of the winter living room are white and silver, two colours capable of amplifying the quantity of light, increasing its natural performance, a visual illusion that deceives the eye in favour of a wider perception of the rooms.


White is much more than a trend shade, it is the neutral hue par excellence. It can be chosen as a starting point for the creation of a colour palette capable of creating intimate and relaxing atmospheres.


A choice of design that adapts to any type of style, from classic to modern interiors, just like the Cloe sofa with its soft padding enclosed between horizontal and diagonal lines, hand stitched by Smania’s artisans: sophisticated shapes that invite you to relax.

The polished brightness of marble takes pride of place in the luxury living room through the play of lines and edges of the Moon table. Perfect harmony to be pursued for the brightest furnishing solutions.


The timeless appeal of a modern fluffy rug, perfect for the coldest months, never declines: Blanco, with its snow-white surface, is soft thanks to the Antea yarn that combines wool with viscose and recalls the allure of velvet.


The perfect solution to “light up” the environment with glamour, silver is a guarantee of luxury and elegance. The balance between small details and furnishings is the key to illuminating the winter season. A metal no longer exclusively reserved for festive decorations. Silver accessories are perfect to add a touch of refinement to the house with unexpected glares.


Outstanding lighting fixtures for interiors, the Bastet collection features a sinuous and graceful structure dressed with a lustred finish that makes it look radiant even when switched off.

The glares are precious witnesses of a shining elegance in Talia, the tray that gives light to the luxury furniture combining the classic and modern style.

Round reflections chase each other on the perfect spherical surface of Bowl, a decorative object of great value.


White and silver transform the house into a neutral canvas to be personalized with the creative flair of those who inhabit it.

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