Heavenly resorts, luxury hotels and enchanting holiday destinations: Smania knows how to shape each bedroom and hall, by choosing exclusive furniture.


A home becomes a concentration of beauty where each room catches the eye, thanks to luxury pieces of furniture. Details make a difference and make the most special place in the world even more exclusive.


Luxury is decked in the most beautiful ports, thanks to Smania proposals for yacht furniture. Wise ostentation and eclectic style predominate, always following the lighthouse of elegance and sophistication.


Whenever all senses are satisfied a unique experience takes place. Smania knows that the eye is hungry for beauty and it takes pleasure in intriguing and surprising it. Wherever the gusto is satisfied by Made in Italy furniture the pleasure has no limits.


Refined attention to details: this is what the Smania executive office and meeting room communicate. Perfect to charm employees and customers, and to surround yourself with classy furniture even at work.


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