Massimo Iosa Ghini

Considered one of the most prominent Italian architects and designers, Massimo Iosa Ghini participated in the Eighties in the innovative activities of the design avant-garde, founding the cultural movement of Bolidismo. In 1990 he opened the studio Iosa Ghini Associates, designing residential, commercial and museum architectural spaces, cultural installations, areas and facilities dedicated to public transport, and retail projects for international groups.
In 2017 and 2018 he was appointed “Ambassador of Italian Design”, on occasion of the Italian Design Day, from Farnesina.

La Spada

Alessandro La Spada obtained an Interior Design degree and teaches Furniture Interior Design at IDI’AC and Domus Academy.
Eccentric and eclectic, he is strongly attracted to the emotional aspect of objects, other than being particularly inspired by materials, most of all by steel.

Alessandro La Spada collaborates with Smania since 2009, creating the luxury outdoor furniture of Costa Rey collection (2010), Beyond collection (2011) and Contrast collection, presented in 2016.
He gave a huge contribution to Smania evolution, shaping its character and revealing new aspects at the same time.

Fabián Pellegrinet Conte

Fabián Pellegrinet Conte is an architect and interior designer since the 1990s, mostly realizing residential, hotel and offices projects.

His style can be described as a neat eclecticism combined with a contemporary approach to design.
While creating luxury pieces of furniture his personal taste is mixed with comfort and functionality research, always paying attentions to details.

He collaborated with Smania to create Master Collection and Home Couture, realizing some curved pieces of furniture.

Leo De Carlo

Leo De Carlo graduated in Industrial Design at the Milan Polytechnic. After an experience in the goldsmith design sector, he arrives in Philippe Starck's studio. In Paris he is fascinated by design which interprets traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary key. Came back in Italy, he started to collaborate with companies where manual skills are a characterizing element. Son of antique dealers specialized in Venetian glass art, De Carlo re-elaborates the different craft traditions with which he get in touch, through his personal creative universe. A mix of high culture and pop culture that offers a playful, sometimes disturbing, vision of the contemporary world. He collaborated with Smania creating soft furniture, lamps and accessories.

Rune Ricciardelli

Rune Ricciardelli is an interior designer and co-founder of Studio Powder which deals with interior design.

He has worked with Smania for the realization of the Master Collection by creating some pieces with squared lines and thus giving a strong character to the collection.

Giuseppe Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò is dedicated to the industrial design of furnishing products and to the artistic direction of companies in the sector.
Often the experimentation or use of a new material becomes a starting point for the conception not only of a product but of an entire collection.
The search for references that come from the world of art, fashion and poetry are an opportunity to approach the project in a transversal way, many of its most renowned products were born from pictorial concepts or glamorous details, other times they are poetic gestures to create intriguing shapes that then develop into new proposals.
For Smania he designs the Nest Collection and indoor / outdoor furniture that are characterized by the use of materials and the choice of details that make the product unique.


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