Marbles / Precious gemstones

Marbles gift the refined piece of furniture with the noblest elegance, conferring that special touch of pride that makes it unique. Both details and sense of unity are inseparably linked; the aesthetic taste is our guide.

Elegant gracefulness

Marbles convey the authentic and bold beauty. Calacatta gold, Marquinia black, Emperador dark, Silver wave, Azul Macauba and all precious gemstones: their grains give a personality to the piece of furniture, making it precious.

Blend of senses

In order to individuate the lines of its design, every marble slap is subject to great observation. Only the ones with the most elegant shapes are chosen, with colours that met harmoniously. We just want to offer marbles charming for the eyes and irresistible by touch.

Azul Macauba

Emperador dark

Silver wave

Calacatta gold

Nero marquinia



Iron eye

Tiger eye

DADO Silver wave

“wet look effect”

DADO Arabescato grigio orobico

“wet look effect”


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